Herbalism is the practice and study of using medicinal properties in plants to restore health and wellness. It is sometimes referred to as Phytotherapy. Approximately 25% of pharmaceuticals are derived from plants. The difference between herbal medicine and pharmaceutical medications is the process of isolating constituents, or the compounds that give the herb its action, commonly referred to as estandardized'f.

In order to patent a formula into a medicine, clinical trials must be conducted and the formula must be of a consistent strength. Despite the fact that whole herb formulas are unpatentable, scientific testing has shown that there is a certain synchronicity between ALL of the constituents in the plant and how they have worked together to provide positive results for thousands of years.

Herbal remedies, combined with traditional support from your licensed healthcare practitioner, provides individuals with a variety of options allowing them to be fully involved in their personal health and wellness.

Nature's Simple Remedies fully supports each person's right to determine how they would like to be involved in restoring and maintaining their health and wellness. Especially when it comes to the enormous number of young people (1 in 6, age 4-17) who are being diagnosed and medicated because they fail to fit into the little box the public school system calls 'normal'.

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Mary M. Ernsberger

Clinical Herbalist & Hypnotherapist

Mary M. Ernsberger is a Clinical Herbalist & Hypnotherapist, owner of Nature'fs Simple Remedies. She has two AOS degrees in Mind-Body Psychology and Western Herbalism, a BS in Health & Wellness; a Master's in Education and a Masters in Complementary & Alternative Medicine. Mary is the author of un-Broken Children: Removing the Label, Restoring Health & Wellness. She lives in Erwin, TN developing her own line of herbal, essential oil and flower essence formulas and servicing the young people diagnosed with mental, emotional, behavioral, and learning disorders.

Products & Services

Coaching Services

Coaching Services

A life coach can help their client get organized, set goals, manage their time more effectively, and help them develop strategies to meet specific difficulties that are interfering with daily life.

Health coaching is a specific area of study where the practitioner helps the client identify the individual solutions that will allow them to achieve optimum health and wellness.



Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is the practice of using guided relaxation and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness. In this deepened state of relaxation, the client's attention is so focused that just about anything going on around them is blocked out or creates an even deeper sense of relaxation.

Support Therapy

Support Therapy

Aromatherapy or Essential Oil Therapy is a support therapy that utilizes aromatic plant extracts and essential oils in massage and inhalation therapies. The practice of aromatherapy is most often associated with the use of essential oils in the cosmetic industry.

Wellness Gardening

Wellness Gardening

With Wellness Gardening you can take charge of your health.
I can sell you an herbal remedy and you will feel much better or I can teach you how to grow and make your own remedies and empower you to create a lifetime of health and wellness.

Customer Testimonials

Back in May 2016, I gave this little shop a 5 star. I got to say since then if I could I would give it a 10 or more. Mary has been very helpful explaining things about the herbs, creams, etc.. to me. Back in May when I brought the Skin Soother Balm for the psoriasis that tried taking over my body. I couldn't believe within a week how well it worked. I went back to her shop to show her how well it was working. I told her about me having Anxiety, she recommended me to try Calm Down! Essential Oil Inhaler with it too has worked wonderful. While I was there I picked up the Smoke-No-More inhaler too. I use that when I'm somewhere there is no Smoking, like at work. I went to her class today and enjoyed it a lot. I look forward to gone to more classes at her shop and learning how to take care of myself for my wellness to live a happy and healthy live. Thank you Mary for all you do.

Great place to purchase organic herbs, consult on current health issues and the herb class today was wonderful.

I love these products. The memory boost has really helped.

I think Mary is a really smart lady in knowing as much as she does about hemp.