If you are on the Internet searching for a chiropractor in Newton, chances are, you're in the unfortunate position of choosing a chiropractor without the benefit of a individual recommendation from someone you trust. We understand this can be a trying experience. Often our own chiropractic patients express anxiety about having to find a new chiropractor when they move out of the Newton area.

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  City Newton Center, MA
  Zip Code 02459
  Address 1280 Center St
  Phone Number (617) 641-9999

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Move Well Chiropractic is the chiropractor of choice for residents of Newton, Needham, Watertown, Brookline, and Brighton. Our office has been established in Newton, MA since 1998. We specialize in modern day rehabilitation based care. This incorporates corrective/therapeutic exercise, advanced soft tissue therapies, and traditional chiropractic treatment. By practicing this way we are able to provide our patients with better long term results. Allowing them to take control of their health and not have to rely on us or anyone else to get them better.

It is important to us that all of our patients understand what it is we are trying to accomplish, and to fully understand the reasons behind our methods. We know well informed patients are the ones who achieve the greatest results. The majority of our first time patients come to our office for one reason initially: relief. They have suffered some sort of injury which is beginning to interfere with their lives and affect it negatively. Our first goal always is to provide relief as quickly as possible.

When you come in to Move Well Chiropractic for the first time our goal is to make you feel comfortable and at home. Many people have not been to a chiropractor before and do not know what to expect. For this reason Dr Oliver will take the time to explain everything to you in detail, to eliminate any apprehension you may have. He welcomes all questions and encourages them. If you are on the fence about coming in for an evaluation we encourage you to call to set up a free consultation where you can talk to Dr Oliver and explain your situation.

Specific chiropractic spinal adjustments, because they can help restore proper motion and position of individual spinal bones, can help promote proper healing. The longer you wait the more unseen damage there is and the longer it seems to take to recover. Because the nerves to the arms and hands exit the spine through the injured area of the neck, numbness and tingling are common. Even lower back pain can result directly from the trauma, or as a reaction to the loss of proper spinal curves. Whether you've been in an accident, stressed at work, or over-exerted yourself in the garden, your body is constantly adapting to the environment.

Repetitive motions (painting the ceiling), postural distortions (falling asleep with your neck twisted) and whiplash injuries from a car accident are physical stresses. So are slips and falls. Even being born! Today's environment constantly assaults us with chemicals. Drugs, preservatives, tobacco, alcohol, pollen and a host of other substances can affect our nervous system and muscle tone. When your body reacts by "tripping a circuit breaker" and causing subluxation, chiropractic care may help.