Our goal is simple: to provide comprehensive Ayurvedic health services to our customers , forge relationships with the larger health community in the area, and to operate with a consciousness of sustainability for the planet.

Our comprehensive services are really just that: comprehensive! But most importantly, our primary focus is YOU the gloriously unique individual that you are! Because we know that each of you approach your health maintenance in different ways, we offer a diversity of ways you can experience Ayurveda.

We also know that most of you assemble a variety of health-care practitioners to guide you on your journey to whole wellness. You likely have a General Practitioner who oversees the larger picture of your healthcare. You might work with specialists allopathic or complementary for specific ailments or issues. With your permission, we are delighted to involve them in the conversations we have with you, particularly your allopathic doctors. We believe strongly that Ayurveda complements every other medical discipline, and we value the chance to create dialogue, even if that just means sending a quick treatment summary to keep in your medical records.

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  Person Martha Gesegnet RN, CAS
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Martha Gesegnet RN, CAS


As a registered professional nurse for more than 20 years I watched many of my patients suffer with chronic illness that could have been prevented. For years it broke my heart to watch people become sicker while taking pills and visiting doctors. They seemed confused, distressed, and helpless. It really started to wear on me.

Then, as God/Spirit would have it I became a patient in this broken down sick care system. That changed everything, in so many ways! After some years of trying it their way. I began walking a different road. I knew enough about the Western medicine system to know that if I followed that path I would end up with no liver, kidney, or stomach from all the side effects of the medications the doctors prescribed to me.

I would end up like all of my patients did confused, distressed, and helpless.

In one fateful moment I said a prayer and made a selection : I chose health and well-being.

From that day on I have dedication not just my career but my my life to education, research, and healing.. to find ways to work with the natural healing wisdom of our divine creator and our body's inner healing power. I have studied lots of healing therapies and modalities, and sought the highest credentials, skills, and experience possible in the ones that I found produced the most effective and consistent results for myself and others.

I learned to accept and trust that even though I had started out with the intention to heal pain and suffering as a nurse in western medicine, God and Spirit had a different plan for my life. I was led to and through numerous chronic disease and a chance to find my way to the other side, and then honor that gift and healing by bringing it to others that are looking for the same chance.

I am grateful every day for the path and the gift of healing that I am able to give to others to serve those who choose to Feel their Health and Vitality and to reclaim and live in the power of their life.

Symptoms of dis-ease or discomfort in the body-mind are a chance, a message from the body. In order to heal one need only be able to Know the Language and then listen to the message and take action to head it's message. I am now glad and blessed to spend my time educating, coaching, and empowering clients with their own custom plan for natural health and healing.

Ayurveda provides a complete system for natural health and healing. I have a few areas of specialty which include healing chronic digestive disorders, chronic pain and immune system system disorders, like fibromyaligia, and helping woman to move through the menopause years with ease and grace, without antidepressants and hormones.

My services and programs have helped hundreds of customers and they will help you feel your health and vitality again!

Products & Services

Swedna (steam therapy)

Herbalized steam therapy made to dislodge toxins from deep within the tissues. Swedna relaxes the body, reduces tension, and opens the pores and channels of circulation. Loosened impurities are eliminated through the sweat glands and gastrointestinal tract, thus purifying tissues and eliminating accumulated toxins from the body. Performed following abhyanga or udvartina, swedna promotes penetration of the therapeutic oils deep into the bodily tissues. This treatment is often mixed with another treatment.

Marma therapy (energy balancing therapy)

Marma points are important energy points where consciousness and matter meet (similar to acupressure points) . This marma sequence balances mind, body and spirit. Refreshing and relaxing.

Healing Touch Therapy (energy balancing)

Experience this subtle yet powerful form of energy based healing. Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing energy therapy. Gentle touch helps in balancing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This pranic healing system works at the aura level, correcting any blockage of the chakras to cure disease. Healing Touch works with your energy field to support your natural ability to heal. (50 minutes $75) .