The integrative medicine practice of Dr. Stephen Smith offering a personalized approach that combines conventional medical treatments and alternative or complimentary treatments. We explore not just the disease but “why” you may be experiencing tiredness, low libido, allergies etc. Often traditional medical treatments focus on symptoms alone using medication to eliminate or control the symptom. The functional medicine approach offers patients an alternative choice which focuses on the cause of the illness rather than just controlling the symptoms.

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  Person Dr. Stephen Smith
  City Richland , WA
  Zip Code 99354
  Address 1901 George Washington Way Suite E
  Phone Number (509) 943-2101

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Dr. Stephen Smith

Northwest Healthcare and Wellness Center, PLLC is the practice of Dr. Stephen Smith specializing in allergy and environmental medicine. I started my journey into integrative medicine in 1985, when I developed fibromyalgia and realized I didn't have a clue about how to treat it and neither did most of my colleagues in traditional medicine. That is when I started my own quest into alternative and integrative medicine. I found many of the physicians at integrative medicine meetings and training sessions also had similar health conditions and many had restored their health using integrative medicine.

It has been my privilege to learn from some of the brightest physicians from around the world as they shared their knowledge with me. It is this knowledge that has helped restore my own health and that of others I have had the privilege to treat.

Many of the techniques of integrative medicine have been used in Europe for many years, but it is a relatively new concept in the US. Because of the benefits offered by both medical disciplines many integrative medicine clinics have now been established in the United States as well. I have been using integrative medicine techniques for many years and I have been pleased with results I have seen in myself and my patients.

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  • Cost efficient. Uses modern therapy and stays up to date. Cares about the whole you. Has time.
  • Has plenty of patients, doesn't work week ends.

Doc Smith is a fully engaged compassionate Dr who really cares for every patient he sees.
He remains up to date on new medical finds in his field and has given me hope for my several severe medical problems I could find no where else. I've been seen be Deepak Chopra, dr dean ornish and can honestly say Dr Stephan Smith is local and easily accessible and provides me with above average care. He hears me. He doesn't rush me through my appointment and he looks me in the eyes when we speak. I trust him 100% and I remember him in my prayers with his family every night. I am blessed to have him as my Dr.
Connie L. Van der Cook

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