For more than thirty years, Peter Howe has been a healer practicing alternative medicine. Through his quest to alleviate his own physical, emotional, and spiritual pain, Peter developed an integrated knowledge of a wide range of healing modalities. Building on his roots as a certified neuromuscular therapist, Peter incorporates Quantum Reflex Analysis, crystal work, shamanic breath work, Light Energization, and other techniques in individualized treatment sessions designed to meet each client's needs and intentions.

Peter's formal training began in the 1980's with neuromuscular therapy taught by Paul St. John, and for several years, Peter studied and taught at the St. John Institute for Natural Health. Later, he continued his studies with classes in metaphysical healing techniques at Delphi University in Georgia. In 1994, Peter immersed himself in Native American Healing traditions with Sally Perry (Spirit Medicine) and Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow), a Southern Ute-Picuris Pueblo visionary, author and Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

Through his own personal journey and his training as a healer, Peter came to understand that "dis-ease" emanates from several planes simultaneously, and that physical recovery accelerates dramatically when all four dimensions of healing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual are addressed together. Peter's multi-dimensional approach weaves together the powerful threads of many disciplines into a unique tapestry of healing offered to those who seek to eliminate pain without the use of drugs.

A father of two, Peter practices in Massachusetts, USA. He also travels nationally and internationally, sharing his knowledge of sacred ceremonies and using multiple modalities to bring health and healing to all who seek it. Peter's dream and great desire is to help bring peace and harmony to our planet for all of our children's future.

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Peter Howe

Holistic Health Practitioner & Healer

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Peter Howe is the most experienced and effective nutritional and energetic healer I know. Health issues always involve a combination of physical, emotional and energetic factors. Peter is someone who has decades of experience in working sucessfully with all these levels in an integrated way. I can't recommend him highly enough for anyone who wants to make a commitment to health and well being.

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I 100% recommend Peter Howe, he is a powerful healer I admire his honesty and presence..we miss him in Ireland!! The vision quests were a transformational experience. I'll always be grateful that Shiera O'Brien life coach and healer brought him over to work with us all on our journey!!!

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