Our healers specialize only in Pranic Healing and do not practice any other form of alternate healing therapy.

We have been systematically trained over several years through the standardized global Pranic Healing workshops conducted under the guidance of senior disciples of GMCKS and by GMCKS himself.

Our healers have individual healing experience of more than 5+ years and a cumulative experience of 30+ years with successful healings covering a gamut of ailments, and patients across geographies

Our healers are dedicated practitioners of different levels of Arhatic Yoga, a highly advanced form of spiritual science taught by GMCKS through his various senior disciples

The standards set in Pranic Healing are relatively high. As a matter of fact, an experienced Pranic Healer is usually more skillful and competent than another healer with the title of a Master belonging to some other schools

Overall, we are here to contribute, in our own small way, to the Work of our Great Teacher GMCKS and to lighten the sufferings of people that we come in touch with.

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