After Sharon's own knee injury and seeing Dr. Eric Pearl on Dr. Oz, she used Dr. Pearl's information and Sharon's knee immediately healed. Sharon quickly did healings with many of her friends, neighbors and family. The words Heal Naturally quickly spread to others and referrals for healings so Sharon knew No Turning Back. Sharon and her clients experience the phenomenon of spontaneous healing in the Reconnective Healing Sessions with children and adults.

Sharon discovered her deep desire to facilitate healings with others. She completed Dr. Eric Pearl's Level I , Level II Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner Program in Houston, Texas. As a certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Sharon's passion is to serve and to be part of aligning her clients with life's true purpose of balance and harmony. Reconnective Healing transcends technique. It allows one to receive energy, light and information that can act as a catalyst allowing each person to re-discover one's truest being and personal empowerment through energy reconnective healing.

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  Person Sharon Johnson
  City Springfield, MO
  Zip Code 65804
  Address 1722 S Glenstone Ave
  Phone Number (417) 860-4145

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Sharon Johnson

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Amazing renewal of energy in every area of my life physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When I came to Sharon, my body was a mess; low energy, arthritic pain in my hands and knees, high stress levels, and extreme shoulder issues. I was determined to seek natural health options for my shoulder issues. Reconnective healing is amazing! As Sharon worked with my energy, wonderful things happened. Amazing physical relief, immediate greater energy, no sadness and daily energy as I look forward to each day for God's Purpose in my life. Glory to God and Thank you Sharon Johnson, for allowing God to work through you and my body.

I had suffered from severe migraines for many years and several physical issues Being discouraged, I sought holistic options turning to Reconnective Healing as a non-invasive affordable option. After just two sessions my body began responding, releasing, and re-aligning giving me optimistic daily living. I will always treasure my Reconnective Healing experience!

Sharon Johnson and Reconnective Healing has allowed God to work in my body freeing me of many years of intestinal issues Mental clarity was the first thing I felt giving me hope. I truly could feel the experience of my body being vibrated back to a state of balance. Sharon has a gift of compassion and understands God's will to bring health back to your body naturally. It was the most uplifting experience of my life. Everyone should experience reconnnective healing.

My family and I have all been so very blessed by Sharon and Reconnective Healing! In October, I had to have a c-section. Over the past several months I was still experiencing pain and my healing seemed slow. I had two Reconnective Healing sessions with Sharon and both experiences were unbelievable! At one point, I felt pressure in my lower back and then something shoot down my leg-- which was the same feeling I had with my epidural! I knew that my body was experiencing healing at that point. Also, in both sessions I felt a zip-like feeling from right to left on my incision, followed by a tightening of my abdominal muscles and a movement in my uterus. The Lord was at work! I have felt better ever since those sessions! Praise be to God! Thank you, Sharon for letting the Lord work through you.

Sharon is definitely an angel from Heaven with her healing energy that translates to renewal for health issues you may not know even exist. Her enthusiasm in itself is contagious. The entire process is eye-opening into a realm most of us are not familiar with. I would recommend her therapy for overall health improvement. She has also helped my Mother with her sleep issues. Thank you, Sharon for your genuine concern for everyone's well being.

If you’re searching for holistic healthcare, please consider Reconnective Healing with Sharon Johnson. I received 3 Distance 1-hour Sessions in a 2-week period. As a Massage Therapist, I have experienced the effects of vibrational/energy healing and have come to believe in it! Sharon didn’t want to know my issues. During each as Sharon worked, the energy was strong in different body areas; and, I could feel tingling, heat/cold, pressure, relief. My energy levels are higher than been in years, blood sugar levels down, improvement in my depression and skin condition I’ve suffered with for several years was gone 1-month later. It seems each session builds on the prior ones giving more improvements & healing. I recently got sick after the holidays. My pattern has always been up to a couple months to shake it off. It was short-lived and so much different and better than most of my illnesses. Thank you, Sharon, for following your passion to help me & others!

For eight years, I had suffered from torn rotator cuff issues that still not yet healed after being repaired. Then I suffered a fall, tearing my other rotator. I was told it was "bad" and would be hard to repair. I was anxious about the pain I would have due to years of suffering from first injury. Sharon did a distance session to prepare me for surgery. After surgery, my wife insisted that I see Sharon and let do her Reconnective Healing work. To my surprise and being skeptical with energy work, I was shocked after my 3 sessions within 2 weeks, that I only experienced 4 days of discomfort and no need to wear the arm sling. In my sessions, both arms seemingly released issues and reconnected so well . My Surgeon actually told me it was the worst he had ever seen, but a piece of caketo put back together and the best healing he had ever seen. I was dismissed without any physical therapy needed and released sooner than normal. . I guess I have to surmise Reconnective Healing worked with my body's healing power through God. Now one year later, my healing has been permanent. I'm glad I listened to my wife's recommendation with Reconnective Healing, a much faster, non-invasive option for my body's healing.


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Reconnective Healing aids to balance the body for optimal health for many issues: injuries, before/after surgery issues, ADD, depression, autism, MS, cancer, addictions, thyroid, allergies, migraines, knee/back, emotional, and much more! Amazing! Call
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Cancer-Free lil man! God is good!
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TB Reconnective Healing is the natural healthcare alternative! So Amazing bringing the body into balance for optimal health without drugs or surgery! Testimonials
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I'd like to thank all my clients, friends and family for your support to move forward in 2014 to become a certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner. We've seen emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healings. More optimism, clear focus and life's
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I saw Dr Eric Pearl on Dr Oz explaining how we can work with our own energy to heal our bodies. My knee injury healed immediately. I Read "The Reconnection, Heal Others, Heal Yourself". Now as a certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner, I work with
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God orchestrates our steps and path when we Trust and release it to HIM!
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I am so excited after doing a Reconnective Healing session with a massage/cranial therapist! He said " it was the most powerful energy healing work I've ever experienced. Things happened in me cranial and spinal alignment that massage therapist can't
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Reconnective Healing connects us to our true original essence, and has the ability to heal on all levels: Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual. Reconnective Healing removes our blocks to wholeness and restores us to a place of harmony and balance.