You have a health issue that is not getting the desired results from medical doctors, talk therapist, or other holistic practitioners. You may have even heard that all your tests are fine even though you don’t feel fine.

You are looking to compliment your conventional medicine therapies with a holistic approach to gain the best of both worlds for maximum relief. You have a personal health goal (weight loss, stop smoking, drinking, ending procrastination, etc.) that you would like to reach quickly, effectively, and safely. You are looking for a holistic approach to correct a problem before resorting to conventional medicine.

You may be interested in learning more about holistic therapies, yet you’re confused by the thousands of articles, websites and books out there and you are looking for someone to give you the methods proven by research - to work with no personal gains in mind. If you are like many people, one of these reasons may have driven you to read some articles or books to try to help yourself. You may have purchased some supplements and given them a try, or you may have seen different doctors, practitioners or groups while trying to get well and reach your goals.

Congratulate yourself for taking the initiative and hopefully you got some improvement.
But if you’re like a lot of people you got little to no relief. You may think you’re just going to have to live the way you are. You may be wondering if holistic health and alternative therapies work at all.

Whatever your reason for wanting to explore holistic health and alternative medicine therapies, you can feel confident that when you work with me, I will be your answer to improved health using the most effective natural therapies!

Clients come to me to receive highly therapeutic clinical nutrition and holistic health counseling as I am one of the New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut’s premier naturopathic doctors and nutritionist, who is often sought out by medical professionals for holistic health and nutrition training.

Serviced Areas

  • New Jersey, New York, Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Morris and Rockland Counties.

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  Person Robert Galarowicz ND
  City Paramus, NJ
  Zip Code 07652
  Address 1 Sears Dr. Fl#3
  Phone Number (201) 618-3534

Customer Testimonials

Thank you so much for your wonderful recommendations. Life has been a pleasure! You help me reduce my joint pain and I look forward to exercising again. Before I didn’t think this would have been possible. You were always available, quick to answer questions and always exceeded my expectations. You truly are gifted.

When my sister spoke so highly of you I knew I had to come and make an appointment on my next visit to New Jersey. You have helped me solve health problems that I had for years.

I have nothing but great things to say about The Banish! Program. I am 53 and have smoked since I was a teenager. I have tried to quit countless times. Cold turkey, patches, gum, zyban, you name it I tried it. All except hypnosis. I'm not even sure how I found out about your site, but I decided to sign up. Right after the session I felt different. Very little cravings and no cheating. I have been smoke free now for 5 months. This is a huge accomplishment for me. I have never been able to go more then a week or two without backsliding and returning to smoking. I am so delighted that your program worked. I have told several people about it and will continue to spread the word if anyone is trying to quit.

From Our Website

Robert, again thank you for everything. Everyone raved about you. You helped many people that no one else could. Looking forward to having you back! Good things are happening. I am feeling consistently good since I consulted with you. The days of feeling miserable are over. I handle my stress better, and I am still working towards reaching my ultimate weight loss goal, 5 more pounds to go. I appreciate everything you did for me. Thank you so much for your wonderful recommendations. Life has been a pleasure!

You go to sleep at night, hoping that in the morning you will "snap out of it", but you wake up right back where you started! If you answered YES! to ANY of the above questions, then you NEED to read on, because I have something VERY important for you that you won't find ANYWHERE else. FACT #1 Drugs and talk therapy can help improve depression, but in many cases they only provide minimal, short-term relief. FACT #2 Did you also know that lifestyle, nutrition, and environment can play a crucial role in your depression!