Most of my patients are referred by friends, family and coworkers who feel that I really helped them. I have a reputation for getting to the root causes(s) of the problem, and that means their health has dramatic improvement. I am a lot of success treating the following areas: Back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, neck pain (other musculoskeletal pain), migraines, headaches, insomnia, menopause, fibromyalgia, skin problems, whiplash and other accident trauma, post-surgical recovery, chronic fatigue. Also treating women's fertility and sports injuries.

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  • Acupuncture, Bodywork, Herbs, Fertility improvement, back pain relief
  • Whiplash treatment, chronic pain, anxiety, migraines, sports injuries

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  • NCAAOM Board certified, licensed in the State of Virginia

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  • Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina

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  • Personal Checks, Debit Cards, MasterCard, VISA

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  Person Robert V. Clickner, Lic.Ac.
  City Charlottesville, VA
  Zip Code 22901
  Address 1414 Sachem Place, Suite 1
  Phone Number (434) 244-0019

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Robert V. Clickner, Lic.Ac.

Owner, Licensed Acupunturist

Raised in northern Virginia, Robert Clickner moved to New Mexico and Arizona to receive training in acupuncture, bodywork and herbal therapy, completing his Masters Degree in 1999. He worked in the medical practice of physician Margaret Mullins in Annapolis, Maryland, before opening his own practice in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2002.

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There are many ways that acupuncture works depending on what is being treated. The simplest explanation is that acupuncture stimulates the body to rebalance itself, whichever way it is out of balance. For example, acupuncture can settle an over-active digestive system, stimulate an under-active and inefficient digestive tract and regulate a disordered digestive tract. Acupuncture’s most notable effect is to promote relaxation. Most people experience deeper relaxation then they normally do on their own, even when they are asleep. After about 20 minutes, acupuncture has the ability to shift the nervous system into a deeper and more relaxed mode which facilitates healing, better digestion, deeper sleep, muscle relaxation, and calmness and clarity of mind. Acupuncture can also speed healing after injury and surgery by stimulating local circulation, reducing inflammation and keeping the healing process active. Acupuncture is also very famous for its ability to reduce pain.

As to how acupuncture does all this, there are two basic theories. The ancient theory is that we all have an energy field that is alive and active and runs and regulates our bodies. This energy, chi, flows in and around our bodies in distinct patterns that have been recognized for centuries in many different cultures. Acupuncture affects these energy patterns by stimulating locations that are known to have a strong effect on the flow and activity of chi. You might be able to relate to this if you have ever been hit in the solar plexus, which can completely shut you down as compared to being hit somewhere else on your body. Instruments of modern science have detected energy fields emanating from our bodies and have detected changes in this energy field in response to various stimuli. The modern theory of acupuncture is that it stimulates nerve reflexes which trigger the release of chemicals appropriate to the restoration of health. Some of this has already been shown in research. When considered carefully, both theories actually support and complement each other. I believe that we do have an energy field running and regulating the body, along with nutrition, hormones and nerve signals.

Treatment of sports injuries involves a customized combination of techniques including: Tui Na Chinese bodywork, American manual techniques, acupuncture, and/or therapeutic exercises.

Some of the techniques Bob uses are not normally taught in acupuncture school -- Bob received this training in an intensive post-graduate apprenticeship with his martial arts teacher, Vince Black, who had trained with a number of martial arts masters in China and Taiwan and gradually come to gain their medical knowledge.

Important to treatment will be consulting on your history of injuries, even childhood tumbles off the jungle gym or car accidents. Old trauma can be playing a part in your current pain, even if it happened to a different part of the body. Those old areas will be treated, in addition to new injuries.

Chinese Medicine, and acupuncture specifically, is often credited with helping women become pregnant -- and carry to term -- who have been having a difficult time doing so. Robert Clickner has studied women's fertility and pregnancy issues and helped a number of his patients with issues in these areas. Over the past 15 years since he has been in practice, he has seen a significant number of cases where treatment directly contributed toward successful pregnancy.

There can be many hidden reasons why one is struggling to get or stay pregnant. During your initial visit, Bob will look at your whole health, including past injuries, lifestyle, diet, etc. Treatment may involve addressing something seemingly unconnected -- a car accident 10 years prior, for example. Acupuncture will likely be part of treatment; it helps the body functions work normally and improves overall health so you can support a pregnancy.

Of course there are no guarantees, but by getting old traumas cleared from your body and helping all its processes to function optimally, your chances of becoming and staying pregnant do increase. This treatment is also an excellent complement to IVF and other conventional fertility treatment.

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I came to see Robert Clickner after my car accident and he helped me feel so much better. Took care of all residual effects (whiplash, painful shoulder) which were affecting my ability to work. Just three or four visits took care of everything.

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