Rocky Mountain Homeopathy specializes in working with people with chronic problems in the areas of physical and mental health. In many cases, clients can expect to see improvement of chronic problems in three months or less. For others it may take a longer amount of time (a year or more) depending on the the nature and duration of the problem. Amber Currie, CHom, schedules appointments weekly, monthly, or quarterly depending on the needs of the client and the response to the remedy.

Since homeopathy is a holistic approach to healing, it can also help people to recover more quickly and to avoid complications from acute illnesses and injuries. These usually respond rapidly to homeopathic treatment, especially if it begins soon after symptoms commence.

The American Institute of Homeopathy has found homeopathy particularly effective in the following conditions:

■Acute viral syndromes
■Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
■Chronic fatigue syndrome
■Childhood diarrhea
■Grief reactions
■Ineffective labor
■Menopausal symptoms
■Toxemia of pregnancy
■Otitis media, purulent and serous
■Anxiety disorders
■Inflammatory arthritis
■Recurrent miscarriage
■Post traumatic stress syndrome
■Inflammatory bowel disease
■Chronic viral conditions
■Nausea of pregnancy
■Recurrent urinary tract infections
■Premenopausal syndrome, acute or chronic
■Functional complaints (e.g., irritable bowel syndrome)
■Thyroid conditions

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  Person Amber Currie
  City Loveland, CO
  Zip Code 80538
  Address 1762 Hoffman Drive
  Phone Number (970) 412-7777

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Amber Currie

Classical Homeopath

Amber Currie, CHom, lives in downtown Loveland, Colorado with her husband of 15 years, two young sons, and an Australian Shepherd.

She is a member of the North American Society of Homeopaths and the National Center for Homeopathy. Her favorite aspects of homeopathy are its subtlety and gentleness. Amber believes homeopathy can support clients in achieving their unique potentials by helping them establish health on all levels.

Ms. Currie is a graduate of the Colorado School of Homeopathy, from which she received her certification in Classical Homeopathy. She completed an apprenticeship program in the Sensation Method of homeopathy at Inner Health Through Homeopathy, which is based in Boston, Mass.

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Amber is really easy to talk to, like a friend right from the start. She is very knowledgeable and has helped me tremendously. Highly recommend her. Thank you Amber

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Customer Testimonials

Amber has been wonderful to work with. She is very knowledgeable and takes a vested interest in developing a long-term relationship with her patients/family. I really appreciate how she takes time to dig into the nitty-gritty so she can find the best way to help you. We are very pleased!

Amber and her team are incredible! For those looking for healthy alternatives and personalized solutions, definitely consider Rocky Mountain Homeopathy.

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Each of us has inherited weaknesses that can be triggered by stresses, big and small. The combination of the standard American diet and standard American medicine can strain the bodies of people of all ages to the point where they do not work the way they should. You probably already know what you don't want to do to your body in the name of health: Toxic drugs and invasive procedures are not for you. Sometimes we are born with a particular health problem. Other times, issues that may start as problems in the digestive tract or detox pathways can lead to a cascade of symptoms in the body and mind.

Amber Currie, CCH RSHom(NA) C.HP, is a classical homeopath who believes the world needs a bigger vision of health. Healthcare should be more than figuring out what drug or supplement you need next. It should be the system that awakens your body's innate ability to heal from the inevitable ups and downs of life. It should help you remove the obstacles that stand in the way of you being the best version of you possible. She came to homeopathy after seeing its power helping members of her own family attain good health when conventional medicine offered little hope.