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I was in a car accident that caused me to have headaches every other day. These headaches were quite bad, sometimes at a level of 8 out of 10. I had a lot of pain in my low back and tightness in my upper back. I tried taking Advil and other pain pills but they didn't help much.

When looking for a chiropractor in Poway I found Dr Rode on the internet. He asked me some questions about my pain and then too a series of x-rays and did various orthopedic test to see where exactly the pain was coming from. It seems I had a few vertebrae that were slightly rotated. He then set out a treatment plan for me. I started off with coming in five days a week and then quickly decreased that with time. The back pain and headaches made it hard for me to play softball and soccer which I like to play a lot. Because of Dr Rode and his chiropractic treatments I feel great and can play to the best of my ability. I no longer have any headaches and I can move pain free. My back is now back to its correct alignment. I would highly recommend going to Dr Rode. He has made my back feel brand new.

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I had been having a lot of neck problems for about 6 or 7 years. The pain was usually worse in the winter time, because of the cold temperature. When doing mechanical work outside on the buses it was more noticeable. The pain was making it hard to do my job because I have to turn my head a lot and that aggravated everything. The pain also made it hard to change lanes while driving because it hurt when I would turn my head to see if the lane was clear. I would always get pain in the left side of my neck and I would get tingling in my right arm in the morning. Usually I would just suffer through it, but when the pain got really bad I would take about 600 mg of Motrin to help stop the pain.

I had never been to a chiropractor before so I didn’t know what to expect. Dr Rode asked me some questions and figured out the it probably all started from a bad car accident I had in 1991. He then did an exam and took some X-rays of my neck. Dr. Rode then explained the X-rays to me so that I understood why I was having the pain in my neck. I started getting chiropractic care and I must say it has really made a difference. I can now turn my head much farther than I could before, and I don’t get any pain when I do it. I can also work on the buses all day without having the pain like I was having before. Thank you Dr. Rode for helping to stop the pain after all these years.

I had experienced back pain and discomfort since High School when I was an avid gymnast. I had received chiropractic care in High School but discontinued due to rigors of College. So it was my natural inclination to again seek chiropractic care as a preventative measure. I would experience a dull achy low back pain on a daily basis, usually as the day wore on.
Pain medication like aspirin or ibuprofen provided little to no relief. I would occasionally experience sharp chest pains and joint pain associated with cold temperatures, as well as occasional sharp back pains associated with certain activities.

Since receiving my chiropractic care from Dr. Rode my general back pain has greatly decreased from the treatment, also I no longer get the joint pain that I used to experience and I no longer feel the sharp pains in my chest.

Chiropractic care has helped greatly and I plan on continuing my maintenance visits to maintain my progress and improve my condition.

I first came to see Dr. Rode for neck pain that I had been having for a long time. It started in my neck and then I would get pain in my right shoulder blade as well. It was really annoying and made my work at the computer a lot more difficult. On bad occasions, I would start to get a headache. It got to the point were I started waking up with a headache in the morning. I found this especially frustrating. In the past, I would put a hot cloth on my neck and this helped a little bit. I would also take some aspirin and that seemed to help but only temporarily and to a limited degree.

I went to Dr. Rode’s Office and he asked me some questions about my neck pain and headaches. After that he did an exam and took some X-rays of my neck and mid back. Later I came back the next day and he went over everything that he found. I had never seen my X-rays before so it was very interesting. Dr. Rode explained in detail exactly what we were looking at in the different pictures. I really got a good understanding of what was going on with my body, why I was feeling the pain. Dr. Rode started adjusting me and have gotten a lot better. He educated me on things not to do like holding the phone receiver to my ear with my shoulder, and why I should not sleep on my stomach. That advice really helped.

I would encourage anyone with neck pain and headaches to see and get help from Dr. Rode like I have, he really has made a difference.

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Auto accident injuries can be very serious. Research has demonstrated their devastating effects can last a lifetime. As a chiropractor for over 18 years I have helped many people with this injury. Many people are unclear about what a whiplash is and what it means to them. I hope I can clear up some of the confusion. A whiplash injury can occur when you are hit from behind while seated in a stationary car or in a head on collision. In a fraction of a second before you know what is happening, your car is pushed forward.