Naturopathic care prevents disease through clinical nutrition, lifestyle changes and natural medicines. Naturopathic care offers a holistic approach, mind body and spirit, to health and healing. The practice incorporates several natural therapies to re-balance the body: Clinical Nutrition, Food allergies Homeopathy - Constitutional and Complex Colonics and Environmental Detoxification Physical Care - Medical Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Hydrotherapy and Naturopathic Manipulation Lifestyle Counseling and Stress Management Pharmaceutical grade Vitamins and Minerals I.V. Therapies for heavy metal chelation, phosphatidyl choline, Meyer's cocktails, sports recovery, healthy heart, general detoxification, immune support I.V. Ozone Therapy Injectables - vitamins, minerals, amino acids Specialty and blood baseline labs.

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  City Nyack, NY
  Zip Code 10960
  Address 8 Rockland Place
  Phone Number (845) 358-8385

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We Offer State of the Art Colonics for Fast Detox

Colonics are used to relieve inflammation, congestion and pain in the body. Once the bowel's ability to eliminate is impaired a colonic can immediately resolve this situation.

Colonics relieve temporary and chronic constipation. Colonics can help to heal irritated and inflamed bowel. Colonics are recommended for patients who struggle with food allergies, asthma, incomplete digestion, "leaky gut" and skin conditions like: eczema and psoriasis.

Eliminate Chronic Pain in your Neck, Back, Dental and Pelvic Pain with

Treat your neck, back, dental and pelvic pain with great results. We're ready to rock ozone on the East Coast. Our equipment is portable so we can bring our expert staff to your corporation for on-site treatment.

CEO's and employees can benefit from I. V. ozone and prolozone therapies during their lunch break. Give us 1/2 hour and we can change your life. It's worth it to be pain-free not to mention experience improved productivity immediately. Our patients tell us that their brain fog disappears in the first 15 minutes of treatment. Ozone improves cognition by increasing the amount of oxygen to your brain.

The only Ozone Clinic in Rockland County

If you have Chronic Fatigue or another chronic infection - Book your new patient ozone session. We are the first and only ozone clinic in Rockland County serving the Tri-State region. We use the most advanced equipment, sterile preparations and provide you with a private room. Other practitioners charge a doctor fee of $600. 00 and above even before you get treatment. We do not. We are generous with our treatments and they are affordable. We individualize your treatment based on your condition, constitution and availability. Everything is centered around you. We offer add-on's - Meyer's cocktails, glutathione pushes, ozone chelation, amino acids and more.

Customer Testimonials

Dr. G is my sister, and I help her with inbound marketing to her website, but I'm also a member of her Subscribe to Thrive program, where she recommends high quality supplements, that I take 'scout's honor' for a minimum of 3 months. I'm working with Isadora on weight loss, but not for losing pounds. My goal is to never diet again, look great, and feel even better. I walk-work on a tread, eat mostly healthy, and take her prescribed supplement twice a day. That's it. I've lost almost 2 sizes since October 2014. Isadora's program works, and this is not a sister talking, it's a client talking. You have to try this program, I've never done anything easier in my life - I feel happier, and the cravings are reduced enough that I can talk myself out of the unconscious TV eating. I love feeling in control of my eating, instead of the other way around. Thank you, thank you, Dr. G.

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We follow strict HIPPA guidelines with verbal consult information, electronic medical records, emails and phone calls. We do not accept text messages as they are not secure. We respect your privacy. Any and all information collected on this site will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, disclosed to third parties and reused without your permission. Dr. Guggenheim is a licensed Naturopathic doctor in CT. and Vermont, a FNP or family nurse practitioner in NYS and RN registered nurse in NYS, NJ, CT AND PA.