Dr. Shepard is a Bloomington IL chiropractor who patients go to for treatment of musculoskeletal aches and pains and sports injuries to obtain resolution of their condition, and most importantly learn how to help treat themselves, to reduce their need for long term care.

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  City Bloomington, IL
  Zip Code 61704
  Address 2309 E Empire Street Suite 400
  Phone Number (309) 585-0382

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First review for Shepard Pain and Performance care!

To start, I began seeing Dr. Shepard not for traditional chiropractic adjustments, but because he is the only person in the area who practices ART (active release technique), to my knowledge.

The office is small and orderly, and an emphasis is definitely placed on a strong relationship with patients.

Not having been for ART before, and not knowing much about my issue, the doc spent the first visit (which was free) trying to pinpoint my problems. Some ART was done and I was sent on my way.

Subsequent visits resulted in the doc really nailing down the source of my problems. He helped alleviate my pain via the ART and also helped to address some biomechanical tendencies of mine that often result in further aggravation.

Dr. Shepard is receptive to the unique demands of my sport and his knowledge of biomechanics was far superior to what I expected from a chiropractor.

If you have pain -especially if you're an athlete- go see Dr. Shepard.

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Customer Testimonials

I don't know what I would have done without Dr. Shepard! I've been to other chiropractors, and no one gives me the pain relief that he is able to. Dr. Shepard takes his time to get to know you and the issues you are having. I feel that my care is truly individualized and effective. I love that Dr. Shepard answers all of my questions and teaches me how to improve my condition at home as well. It's clear that he really cares about his patients and works hard for the right reasons!

Dr. Shepard is a very personable and professional chiropractor unlike any other that I have met or seen. He has tons of knowledge and helps treat your condition both short-term and long-term. He treats the cause of the pain and provides stretches and exercises that you can easily do at home to supplement the treatment. His staff are extremely friendly and helpful and it is very easy to set up appointments even for the same day if possible! The office is clean and well-kept and I love that they provide clean t-shirts and shorts for you to wear if you come straight from work. Not many chiropractors practice ART (active release technique) and I would 100% recommend Dr. Shepard!

I first met Dr. Matt Shepard when he started his Chiropractic training at the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. He is very caring and honest and knowledgeable. If you are in pain or just need a "tune-up" so you can perform better, I would not hesitate to set up an appointment with the Shepard clinic. I appreciate his videos and blog, and have referred several of my clients to his web site for help with arm, hand, and wrist pain -- particularly the nerve flossing therapy technique.

Love Dr. Shepard! He has helped me with pain resulting from exercise and injury and I'm back at it in no time. Other chiropractors adjusted me and I felt good but never offered solutions outside their office. Dr. Shepard is different. His technique pinpoints the specific problem and he also provides at-home exercises for the specific problem and never pushes setting up multiple visits. I highly recommend.

Dr. Shepard has helped me go from injured to pain free running. I've had my fair share of running injuries and he pin pointed the cause and gave me a treatment plan to fix it. He's amazing!

I had suffered with terrible foot pain for over a year. I tried cortisone shots, orthodics (custom and over the counter), all kinds of physical therapy, all kinds of athletic and other shoes and nothing worked. I teach for a living and I was in agony. Just before I was to schedule surgery as a last resort my Sister in Law in New Hampshire suggested I try Active Release Therapy. I found Dr. Shepard and his method really worked! I also took shoes in for him to look at and watch me walk in until we found the right ones. No more wasted money!

He is very affordable, covered by insurance, and very flexible in scheduling. In September of last year he told me I would be walking the beach in December…I didn’t believe him but he was right! I have had no foot pain for seven months! The office is very nice and they even provide t-shirts and shorts for treatment. The receptionist is very professional and personable and just as helpful as can be. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Shepard…He is also very personable and professional and really knows what he is doing. I recommend him with out reservation to all my family, friends, and students.

I heard an advertisement on the radio for Dr. Shepard about hip pain and so I thought I would give it a chance. I am only in my thirties and I was having really bad hip pains so I went in, and I'll admit the treatment did not feel good (kind of similar to a deep tissue massage kind of pain) but the results were awesome. I don't have to go back regularly or take drugs. I went a few times and haven't had any problems since. I am a firm believer in alternatives to drugs and surgeries and Dr. Shepard proves that there are.


Bloomington IL Chiropractor: Brachioradialis stretch - Get rid of forearm and elbow pain

Once you watch this video you will be able relax your lateral forearm by the elbow that is known for causing pain related to the lateral elbow and forearm. It is also commonly associated with nerve pain and forearm pain due to overuse of muscles. This type of exercise (combined with other active release technique protocols) will help you to resolve even chronic injuries, like carpal tunnel, that have not responded to conventional therapy. http://www.bnchiro.com

Bloomington IL Chiropractor: Radial Nerve Floss - Reduce Pain and Numbness in Back of Hand

Dr. Matt Shepard, D.C.
Shepard Pain and Performance Care
2309 E Empire Street Suite 400
Bloomington, IL 61704
Contact Office (309) 585-0382

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A revolutionary new kind of chiropractic office in Bloomington, IL built from brick-one to offer patients authentic, lasting treatments to common pain and performance issues, all in one place. Treatments that sometimes involve chiropractic work, and unlike anywhere else in our area, involve Active Release Technique, a medically patented massage technique, to manually get rid of problems like your lower back pain, neck pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, and much much more. Since 2011, Bloomington IL chiropractic patients have made Shepard Pain and Performance Care their choice for pain relief and rehabilitation.

Upper and middle back pain can occur anywhere from the base of your neck to the bottom of your rib cage. Your ribs attach to a long, flat bone in the center of the chest called the sternum and attach to and wrap around your back. If a nerve in this area is pinched, irritated, or injured, you may also feel pain in other places where the nerve travels, such as your arms, legs, chest, and belly. Upper and middle back pain is not as common as low back pain or neck pain, because the type of motion of the joints and bone structure in this area of the back doesn't flex or move as much as the bones in your lower back or neck.

The suprascapular nerve is responsible for supplying two of the four rotator cuff muscles the supraspinatus and the infraspinatus. Compression or irritation to this nerve can result in pain on the upper outside of the shoulder and back of the shoulder blade. Motions that could be affected if the nerve is compressed are abduction (or moving your arm away from your body), external rotation, or a combination of the two motions. The video below will explain the importance of the suprascapular nerve and how to perform a nerve floss of the surprascapular nerve to free the nerve from compression, reducing shoulder pain, weakness, and can help to resolve even chronic rotator cuff injuries that has not responded to conventional therapy.

Many runners have finished a long race and then found they were barely able to walk because their calves were locked up. Some have gone to a massage therapist and been told their calf muscles are stuck together. Both conditions can be traced to the soleus. The deep, pancake-like soleus muscle inserts through the Achilles tendon on the heel. When your lower leg is bent at the knee, the soleus activates. This muscle is often called a "second heart" because of its ability to pump blood into the lower leg.

Sciatica or leg pain is caused by the irritation of the sciatic nerve, largest nerve of in the human body, usually due to cumulative injury to the nerve over time. The sciatic nerve, which is about the width of your thumb, travels down the back of each thigh, calf, and foot. The nerve splits into two nerves behind the knee called the tibial nerve and the fibular nerve. A sciatic nerve floss can be used to treat sciatica and sciatic like nerve pain. By mobilizing the nerve you may break the nerve free from surrounding structures decreasing inflammation and nerve irritation.

At Shepard Pain and Performance Care, we strive to make your first visit as easy and seamless as possible. During this initial visit you will be given an office tour, you will sit one-on-one with Dr. Shepard for a consultation, receive a thorough and customized examination with one initial A.R.T. A typical first visit will last about 30 minutes. All of this time is spent with Dr. Shepard. Please fill out our online paperwork before you come in to allow for more time with Dr. Shepard. You can fill out the New Patient paperwork HERE.

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body. The joint includes four tendons that hold muscle to bone. Together, these four "rotator cuff" tendons stabilize the upper arm bone to the shoulder socket and allow a wide range of motion in the shoulder. Shoulder pain is an extremely common complaint, and there are many common causes of this problem. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms so that the specific muscle, tendon, or other tissue my be effectively treated.

Dr. Shepard provides on-site active release treatments for Bloomington IL and surrounding area companies. If you are a manager or owner of a company looking to decrease your recordable number of workers compensation claims. Contact Dr. Shepard today!