Today's informed patient seeks a safe and effective alternative to harmful prescription drugs. And today's modern physician understands the necessity to compliment his normal regimen with an integrative medicinal line that truly benefits their patient's health and wellness.

The SOLUNATES satisfy both practitioner's and patient's needs. The homeopathic spagyric medicines (also known as electro-homeopathic medicines) are manufactured in Germany, a country well known for its strict natural medicine standards and high quality therapeutic remedies. The SOLUNATES have been used worldwide since 1921 and their reputation as high quality natural medicines is well known throughout Europe.

The 21 spagyric medicines combine the advantages of both phyto-pharmaceutical and homeopathic remedies. SOLUNATES may be prescribed individually for their specified indications, or combined with other SOLUNATES for optimal therapeutic results. The remedies may also be used complementarily with other modalities of treatment such as standard homeopathic therapy and conventional pharmaceuticals.

The SOLUNATES are a healing system that considers and meets all the requirements for obtaining health and wellness.

The SOLUNATES are composed of metals, minerals and medicinal plants that harmoniously act and complement each other
They strengthen the metabolic processes and detoxify the body from endogenous and exogenous toxins
They strengthen willpower and perceptive abilities, bring inner calm and focus the mind
The therapeutic action is based on the fine-matter and coarse-matter Materia Medica

As the sole distributor of Soluna in the United States, we are excited to make these remarkable medicines available to medical professionals and their patients. For more information on how to become a Soluna practitioner, please visit or call 1.800.605.1798.

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