Additionally, our own staff Naturopathic Physician can perform annual physicals for school or work and order blood tests and laboratory tests as necessary.
Medical Infrared Thermography
Blood draw services
Boston Heart Cardiovascular Diagnostics
Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
Intradermal Acupuncture
Pulse Pressure Analysis
Digital Pulsewave Analyzer
Digital Meridian Scan
Salivary Hormone testing
Adrenal Function testing
Heavy Metal testing
Infrared Heat
Various Functional tests

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  • Our approach to health, called Integrative Natural Medicine, is what makes us unique.

Serviced Areas

  • Fairfield County, CT, Brookfield, Newtown, Danbury,Bethel Bridgeport Brookfield Danbury Darien Easton Fairfield Greenwich Monroe New Canaan New Fairfield Newtown Norwalk Redding Ridgefield Shelton Sherman Stamford Stratford Trumbull Weston

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  • Most major insurance

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  Person SOPHIA Natural Health Center
  City Brookfield, CT
  Zip Code 06804
  Address 31 Old Route 7
  Phone Number (203) 740-9300

Business Representative

SOPHIA Natural Health Center

Kenneth Hoffman D.Ac. (RI), L.Ac. (CT), CCH

Medical Director and Founder
Ken Hoffman is a Doctor of Acupuncture and a specialist in Natural Medical Care. In 1991, he began private training under the tutelage of a Taoist medical and qi gong master where he began learning the art of Chinese healing. This culminated in a sabbatical to Taiwan where he lived and studied Chinese healing arts in Chi Nan Temple.

He then completed a 4 year Chinese medical school program with an internship at St. John's Riverside Hospital in Yonkers, NY. His post-graduate specialties included study with some the best doctors in functional medicine where he focused on the integration of western bio-medicine including blood chemistry analysis, endocrinology and the use of Medical Infrared Thermography. He has performed more than 18,000 acupuncture treatments on over 7,000 patients since starting his practice which has now grown into the busiest clinic of its kind in the state of Connecticut.

The system of Medicine he has founded, Integrative Natural Medicine, is a unique blend of his years of experience and combines the best of eastern medicine and modern functional medical sciences.

He is the host of the local radio show, The Natural Medicine Connection on 800 AM WLAD. It is the only show of its kind in Fairfield County focused on an integrative holistic approach to health. He is also co-author of the book Essential Remedies for Women's Health a compendium of healthy advice and information specifically for women's issue.

Products & Services


Acupuncture is a very specific method of using fine filiform pins, designed for comfort, to be placed strategically at specific sites on the body that have a regulatory effect on function such as hormones, nervous system, organs and circulation. The technique practiced in our clinic is blend of classical systems located primarily below the elbows and knees. We also incorporate other supportive treatments described below such as moxibustion, cupping and diathermy, to name a few.

Dietary Therapy

Chinese Dietary Therapy is a method of adjusting diet to fit each individual’s pattern diagnosis. We take into account not only the nutritional value of food but also its energetic qualities. For example, where certain foods are viewed as warming and nourishing while others are seen as cooling and eliminating; some foods are useful for building qi while others have blood, yang or yin building properties.

Herbal & Nutriceutical Medicine

We blend the traditional uses of time proven herbal formulas combined with the scientific use of modern supplementation. Each protocol is designed for the specific patient based on diagnosis and laboratory testing and monitored closely. All herbs and supplements used in our clinic come from high quality, practitioner-only lines of manufacturers.

  • I would recommend this business

After a few rounds of steroids, my Rheumatologist recommended a chemo drug to “treat” my overactive immune system (autoimmune– colitis, connective tissue disease, etc.) and I chose SOPHIA instead. Dr. Ken, Dr. Chris, and Dr. Eli are an exceptional team and their natural, integrative, science-based approach works with and heals the body. Within a couple of weeks I experienced tremendous symptom relief and a path to transformational healing.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

The staff and Doctors are amazing! They have brought my pain level down from an 8 to a 3 in my back. I have suffered for many years with my back pain and the acupuncture works.
I recommend Sophia to anyone and everyone that suffers from pain.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

Dr. Ken helped me lose weight (21 lbs) and get my mood back to "happy"- so grateful!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

I saw somebody's recommendation and it sparked my curiosity so I made a appointment. I was very impressed from the minute I walked in. The staff were all very nice. I was well informed about what my visit would be like and I felt very comfortable. I believe it is everything I was hoping it would be. I have had some acupuncture treatments to start and learning more about the process in healing. Love It!!!!

So happy with the treatments, wish I had known about them long before... awesome, awesome, awesome!

If you want to be well—whole-body well—this is definitely the place to go! Great people, effective therapies, soothing environment.

Whether you have an issue the traditional "western" medical system has failed to acceptably address or are just "not feeling very well" Sophia is an excellent place to visit. I had a great experience there and know of several others who have as well.

I strongly recommend Sophia! I've battled with arthritis for over 30 years. In addition, I've had neck pain, weight gain and allergies. In less than 5 months, I've lost 20 pounds and have significantly less arthritic pain. I've learned how to eat healthy, relax and take care of myself. The doctors are knowledgeable and compassionate. The staff is friendly and helpful. I have NEVER felt this amazing. Sophia has changed my life for the better!

Our family's visits to Sophia natural health center have resulted in nothing but positive experiences. We presently have a total of five (5) people from our family under their care, feeling the rewards of natural healing. Appointment times are accurately maintained, the patient is not kept waiting and these doctors listen, which is unusual in these times we live in. I've personally gone in with back pain and left without it. Annoying cold symptoms were treated with acupuncture and natural supplements and within two (2) days I felt complete relief.

Treatments have increased energy within our bodies, our minds. We joined their program wanting to feel better and appreciate a better quality of life and Sophia Natural health center has focused and performed completely upon that.

The allopathic community should take note, that it is entirely possible to integrate alternative methodologies along with standard treatments. Sophia Natural Health is a smart place to start... First off, the staff is welcoming, smart and wonderful, but Kenneth Hoffman is brilliant at seeing the long view while treating the every day. He is also very practical and down to earth. They are very good at acupuncture and allergy related issues, hormone balancing, pain management, for starters. You can also get a thermagram at Sophia. Do the research folks, it's smarter than a mammogram... I highly recommend trying Sophia Natural Health BEFORE seeing an allopathic doctor.

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From Our Website

At INM, we have truly blended the best of Chinese medicine diagnostics and natural treatments with western medical knowledge. Not only is our exam process unique but our ability to order and administrate varieties of functional medical tests is superior to any other clinic of our kind.* Our founder has determined that by assessing the body through a comprehensive and blended exam we can get to the real source of most health issues.* When that is combined with functional diagnostic testing, we can extract the most obscure information to bring about transformational change in your health offering treatments like acupuncture, tui na, lifestyle counseling, cupping.

Human beings are creatures of nature. Our existence and ultimately our health and happiness is influenced by the time, seasons, weather, our environment, our diet, our interactions with others and our thoughts. Technology throughout the last 200 years has made our lives simpler in many ways such as electricity, heat and air conditioning, modern medicines and science. Often our health is maintained by medications or we are told that the discomfort we feel is "normal aging" or we become confused by the vast amount of information and choices available to us.