Soul Centered Health was founded to serve individuals seeking Complimentary Alternative Therapy. Services are not a replacement for Allopathic (MD) or Osteopathic (DO) treatment, but can and should be combined with other treatment for a synergistic and holistic approach to care. Hypnotherapy and Reiki have no contraindications and can be used with other therapies, treatments and medications. You should continue with any medications and other treatments, but should have your conditions and on-going need reevaluated as you desire.

Disease has its roots in "Dis" "Ease". Where there is stress there is imbalance, where there is imbalance there is disharmony and a disruption in the natural order of things.

I do not diagnose, prescribe or heal - as all healing comes from within. I can and do teach you to access your healing power, I provide concrete ways to enable you to better manage your stress, and to own your health. Self knowledge and subsequent self-empowerment are essential to good health. We were perfectly designed by our Creator to be self-healing - and it is our birthright to be well.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • NGH, Usui Reiki Master

Serviced Areas

  • Philadelphia Metro

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  • Cash Only, Money Orders, PayPal, Personal Checks

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  Person Eleanor Fineran
  City Phoenixville, PA
  Zip Code 19460
  Address 400 Franklin Avenue
  Phone Number (610) 680-8476

Business Representative

Eleanor Fineran

Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Reiki Master

I have an extensive background in Holistic Health and Complimentary Alternative Therapies and I specialize in holistic life transformation. I use various mind-body-spirit techniques to help people improve their lives. I work to create inner balance and then help clients manage their thoughts to create a better life. I am a gifted healer and teacher who provides guidance and coaching as directed.

Products & Services

Personalized Hypnotherapy

I perform personalized hypnosis sessions tailor made for you to address your particular issue or concerns - no cookie cutter treatments as one size does not fit all. Your individual sessions specifically target your goals and needs. At the end of a treatment plan you will have been taught how to perform Self-Hypnosis and be able to deepen and strengthen your progress. My sessions are designed to address physical, mental, emotional or spiritual needs. I am certified to handle everything from Smoking Cessation, Weight management, to Past Life Regression Hypnosis. I specialize in helping people start their lives over and recover from loss--one step at a time. I focus on healing the entire you and work to help your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Schedule a free no-obligation appointment to decide if Hypnosis is right for you. 610-680-8476

Reiki Healing Treatments

Experience the deep and peaceful healing offered through Reiki. Reduce stress, pain, and emotional blockages. Balance and Rejuvenate your body's natural life energy or "chi". Work to cleanse your Chakras and remove negative influences. Promote relaxation and healing with this Japanese healing modality. Treatments are performed fully clothed and last about one hour. Truly a one of a kind experience.