Specialzied Therapy Services has been providing comprehensive Myofascial Release programs in the Milwaukee area since 2002. Myofascial Release is a hands on all body approach to a person's acute and chronic pain issues such as low back pain, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, neck pain and may others. Dave Vollmers, OTR/L is considered to be practicing at the expert level per the John F. Barnes, P.T. Treatment Centers and Seminars. Discover why Specialized Therapy Services is one of the top clinics in the area as well as the only clinic to primarly utilize health insurance for payment.

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  City Elm Grove, WI
  Zip Code 53122
  Address 890 Elm Grove Road, Suite 1 Building 1
  Phone Number (414) 778-1341

Products & Services

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is the focus at Specialized Therapy Services and is a hands-on approach for the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue restrictions that decrease range of motion and cause pain.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral Therapy was invented by Dr. John Upledger, DO who worked with John F. Barnes, PT (creator of Myofascial Release) to create techniques specific to the skull and balancing of the central nervous system. This technique is utilized throughout your care at Specialized Therapy Services and can be used as the focus whenever requested.


Reiki is an energetic therapy that focuses on how the body is balanced in regard to its flow of energy and utilizes off-body techniques. This technique is extremely useful in working with post-surgical or post traumatically injured areas of the body.

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Dave has repeatedly corrected many different muscle and pain issues. His approach has kept me away from my regular doctors office. I am a firm believer in myofascial release.

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Customer Testimonials

I saw Dave three years ago at age 55 and after 3-4 visits went from stiff and pain when walking and sitting to pain free and moving easily. I felt 30 years old again! I was able to bike, cross country ski and do yoga flow classes again. Last winter I experienced hip pain and muscles that just wouldn't release in massage or by rolling or yin yoga. I saw Dave again and the hip pain was gone and I am able to benefit again from yoga flow and yin yoga!

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