Our approach is very different than what you are used to seeing. You'll notice that there's nothing flashy about our site. We simply want you to understand enough about who we are and what we do so that you feel comfortable scheduling a complimentary consultation to come and talk to the chiropractor in person.

It's called a consultation. It just means that we talk. It's not a commitment, it's a casual conversation. If you decide that what we say makes sense, the next step is up to you.

You see, we're not the right place for everyone. We're looking for people we can help, people who share the same goals that we do. If that is you, then you will probably know before you leave this site.

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  City Columbia, SC
  Zip Code 29229
  Address 260 Graces Way
  Phone Number (803) 736-3700

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I have been a patient of Dr. Allen for several months and can't recommend him highly enough. I have been to numerous chiropractors over the years and while all have been good; Dr. Allen has been the most thorough in his approach and treatment. I was pleasantly surprised by his technique and 'no stone left unturned' approach.. HIGHLY recommended!!!!

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Customer Testimonials

Dr.Allen is amazing. Suffering with sciatica pain i was forced to seek help. A Friend recommended him and I immediately found some relief. With his help I have been pain free for quite awhile. I have to come in every so often and get tweaked. It's nice being able to move again.

We love Dr. Scott! We trust him and look forward to our visits. He helps the Spirit, soul and body!!

Having been raised by a Chiropractor, I realize the importance of a good adjustment from time to time. Since my father passed away in 1989 it's been a struggle to find a good Chiropractor . Thanks to a good friend I found Dr. Allen . Anyone looking for a Chiropractor should try Specific Chiropractic.

Scott is the BEST Chiropractor I've ever seen! I Absolutely Love the atmosphere of the office (Especially the spa like resting room) and the way he takes the time to explain every adjustment and xray. I came into his office in horrible pain and walked out in no pain! I will reccomend him to everyone i know!

Dr. Allen is an excellent chiropractor. Bring the whole family, you won't be disappointed!!

Very knowledgeable, thorough, passionate doctor. He takes his time to ensure you leave feeling better.

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From Our Website

It's probably not an accident that you are here. Our focus on Structural Chiropractic care, and the way we go about running our practice has created a phenomenon. And, it's made our chiropractor something of a sensation to our patients. The majority of our visitors are referred here by a friend or family member. Someone has thought enough of their experience at our chiropractor to entrust someone close to them to our care. Often, they are looking for something very specific. Our approach is very different than what you are used to seeing.