The treatment philosophy at Sunset is treating the whole person, not just the disease or the symptoms. We believe that approaching health from a holistic perspective returns the best results for the patient. Through a carefully detailed intake of the patient's medical history, as well as an assessment of the patient's tongue and pulse, we are able to arrive at a specific Chinese medical diagnosis for each patient. The acupuncture and herbal treatment are then based on these results. With a strong background in nutrition, Christy makes this a large part of her treatment principle. Every patient will go home with their own dietary guidelines corresponding to their constitution and TCM diagnosis.

With this treatment philosophy we have had great success with treating women's health issues, and fertility cases. With a strong background in orthopedics, we are also skilled in treating musculoskeletal issues. Our range of expertise also includes digestive disorders, headaches, allergies and sinusitis, anxiety, depression and stress disorders, as well as weight loss and general wellness.

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  Person Christina Koehler L.Ac, M.S.
  City Thousand Oaks, CA
  Zip Code 91360
  Address 2955 Moorpark Road
  Phone Number (310) 922-6929

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Christina Koehler L.Ac, M.S.

Christina Koehler has been practicing traditional Chinese medicine, with a focus in acupuncture, for the last three years. Since graduating from Santa Monica's Emperor's College with her Master's degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine, Christy completed an externship at the Venice Family Clinic where she treated orthopedic and endocrine disorders. In 2006, Christy began practicing acupuncture the Cypress Center, an innovative physical therapy and wellness center. In addition to the Cypress Center she is also on staff at California Health and Longevity Institute at Four Seasons in West Lake Village, CA. She was also an associate of a women's health and fertility specialist in Santa Monica during her first 3 years of practice.

Christy first became interested in acupuncture when she traveled to China during the Semester at Sea study abroad program as a student at Berkeley. During a stop in Hong Kong, her group flew to Beijing to see the Great Wall. The students also made a stop at a medical clinic where a Chinese doctor took their pulses and examined their tongues. I was facinated by his insights into our health just by using these two diagnostic tools, Christy says.