The Sustain Wellness Promise:

We promise to work with you to correct your condition, restore you to a state of wellness and help maintain your health. The services we provide are holistic and focus on returning balance to the body, mind and spirit. We encourage proper diet, exercise and rest while using natural medicine that is both effective and affordable to return the body to a state of wellness. That is why we believe in Wellness for all, naturally.

What We Provide:

1. Experience: Our staff of highly trained and compassionate professionals have the experience and commitment to take you from a state of pain, anxiety, fatigue and depression to a state of vivid health and wellness. (for a list of all conditions treated, please click here)
2. Knowledge: Each licensed health care practitioner has extensive training to address your special needs. Our clinic can help with general health and wellness as well as pain, injury, emotional disorders, stress, fertility issues and in the management and treatment of many chronic conditions including cancer treatment support and fibromyalgia.
3. Unique protocol of therapies designed for you: At Sustain community acupuncture and wellness we have developed therapeutic protocols found in no other clinic in San Diego that are focused to quickly and painlessly restore your health.
4. A High Rate of Success: Our patients see an almost immediate response to the therapies they receive and after following the prescribed protocol report an improved quality of life and the cessation of many of their symptoms.
5. An affordable approach to healthcare: We believe in healthcare that is effective as well as affordable. That is why we charge a low rate of $30 for acupuncture after the initial consult of $45 dollars. This allows our patients to follow the prescribed protocols and see the results they deserve.
6. Unique healing environment: Group or community therapies promote a collective healing experience. With private intakes and community treatments in our Acupuncture Lounge, patients can experience the comfortable, meditative and restorative energy of an open treatment space. Massage and certain protocols are performed privately.
7. Whole body therapies: Many Doctors and other therapists look at only a single area of a patient's health. At Sustain Wellness we look at the patient as a whole entity and prescribe therapies that will quickly restore the patient to a balanced health.
8. A commitment to wellness: Having a commitment to wellness allows the practitioners at Sustain provide the best healthcare available. Making it affordable allows our patients to commit to that wellness.

Is Sustain right for you?:

We encourage all our potential patients to call in for a free consultation and to try Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Massage and/or Wellness Counseling to see if it is the right fit for them. We also believe that a commitment to wellness comes from both practitioner and patient. Patients who see the greatest results are.

1. Ready to make a change: Making a commitment to your health and working with a caring professional will ensure you see the results you want.
2. Willing to adopt a healthy lifestyle: Many patients see results from treatment. However, those that adopt simple lifestyle changes will see optimal and lasting results
3. Commit to consistent and regular treatments: Holistic health, Acupuncture Herbs and Massage are therapies and require regular treatments to achieve lasting results. Patients may be seen as often as two to three times a week in the beginning and only monthly or quarterly once the therapeutic results are achieved.
4. Take back control of their personal health: We have been conditioned to give away our control of our own health by Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies. At Sustain we educate our patients and help advocate for them so they can make informed decisions and have options before surgery or harsh medication.
5. Work with individuals committed to helping you find your optimal health: Our patients are part of the team, working with the practitioners for customize and fine tune the treatments to fit their personal needs.
6. Learn strategies for your best lifestyle and wellness: We teach our patients how to be healthy without medicine. Our ideal patient gets well and stays well, returning only for relaxing massage, occasional stress relief and maintenance.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Community Acupucnture
  • L and Nutritional Therapy
  • Medical and Theraputic Massage

Professional Associations & Certifications


Serviced Areas

  • City of San Diego

Payment Options

  • Debit Cards, Discover, MasterCard, Personal Checks, VISA, Cash

Contact Details

  Person Sustain Community Acupuncture
  City San Diego, CA
  Zip Code 92104
  Address 2537 University Ave
  Phone Number (619) 358-9508

Business Representative

Sustain Community Acupuncture

Acupucnturist/ Partner

Dave McKinnon LA.c. Dipl. Acu. is a California Licensed and National Diplomat in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Specializing in internal disorders and pain management, he believes in an integrated approach to treatment, advocating lifestyle and diet adjustment in conjunction with the use of acupuncture, herbs and massage.

With Chinese Medicine, I work to help return your body to a healthy natural state free of pain and discomfort.

Since leaving military service in 1998, Dave has been on a journey to help people by relieving their suffering and promoting a healthy fulfilling lifestyle. Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is a holistic approach that improves quality of life, reduces pain and, stress and can address most conditions American suffer from today.

Products & Services

Pain Managment

Acupuncture can successfully treat all types of pain including:
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Low-back pain
Menstrual cramps
Myofascial pain
Back/Neck pain
Osteoarthritis/knee pain
Postoperative/dental pain
Golfers/Tennis elbow

In the language of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pain occurs when there is stagnation (a lack of function and circulation) in an area in the body. By selecting specific points on the body, the acupuncturist is able to restore anatomical function, relieve pain and allow the body to heal itself. It is important to understand that acupuncturists do not solely treat pain but also treat the underlying causes and offer corrective exercises and stretches, ensuring the condition does not return.

Customer Testimonials

I have been coming here for 3 years for different ailments and Sustain has been successful in alleviating the problem every time. Very knowledgeable and customer service oriented staff. Prices are very affordable. I highly recommend

I absolutely love this place, I suffer from chronic back pain and this was the first year my back went out and I decided to go this route, I recommend it to anyone who suffers like I do. Truly an amazing staff. This is now my go to.

Maile is Amazing! I was searching for an acupuncturist in San Diego & was referred to Sustain. I feel so fortunate to have met Maile. She is extremely knowledgeable, and at the same time made me feel completely at ease. If you have ever wanted to try acupuncture do not hesitate- this community focused clinic is the perfect location.

Thank you to Sustain for providing a healing environment that is also affordable- allowing more people access to alternative therapies.

I've been going to Sustain Community Acupuncture for various issues for over 3 years. What really happened was I went for one issue (hormonal acne) and it eventually cleared up, but I loved my experience so much, I was like, what else can we work on?! I've worked with several of the practitioners (Maile, Dia, Synthia) here and have really loved all of them. Booking appointments is easy, prices are reasonable and the effects have been noticeable and real for me. I highly recommend anyone considering acupuncture to try SCA!

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Facebook   Full Post › Hi folks. There is flooding near the park between Oregon and Utah. about 3 - 4 blocks from the clinic. So far Sustain is unaffected but please drive safe through the neighborhood. We should be open and all appointments
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From Our Website

At Sustain, we use a holistic approach and focus on caring for individual in addition to addressing specific health concerns. We work with people who experience pain, suffering, poor sleep, stress, anxiety, and other challenges interfering with quality of life. We capitalize on your strengths and introduce therapies and strategies that promote better health and wellbeing. I highly recommend Dr. Dave to anyone who might be considering acupuncture. He has tons of experience which is a great plus but I think his natural ability to apply gentle pressure is something very special.