Janet Behm Sanders, Master Practitioner / Teacher - offers Reiki Sessions in Studio, or at your location by request. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Performed by a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Reiki is a hands-on and hands-off technique that allows the unlimited 'Universal Life Energy' to be "tapped" into and shared with the participant through and with the Reiki Practitioner. The participant is required to do nothing - simply relax, let your cares pass for now, gently remind yourself that this is your time to relax, find balance and heal!

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  Person Janet Behm Sanders - Certified Master Reiki Practitioner
  City Ocean City, MD
  Zip Code 21813
  Address 12349 Southhampton Drive
  Phone Number (443) 856-9045

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Janet Behm Sanders - Certified Master Reiki Practitioner


The most natural way to ease pain, the stresses of life, both physical and emotional, is through the simple act of safe and loving touch. Reiki is a wise and loving energy that deepens our ability to connect with - and then to heal and comfort others.

Reiki is an abundant energy - guided by the highest intelligence, for the greatest and highest good of each individual. Reiki helps us release negativity and blockages - physical and emotional - that we have collected in our lives overtime, which when released, allow healing and balance in body, mind & spirit.

I am committed to sharing the gifts of Reiki with others, through Reiki as a profession and as a technique for personal development, through daily self-treatment. It is through the acts of self-discovery and self-healing that one becomes the 'vessel' of 'Universal Life Energy', enjoying the gift of service and comfort to others. It is through giving joyously that we also receive abundantly.