In my practice, I utilize the "wisdom" from various traditions combined with solid clinical training, creating a dynamic and interactive model of therapy. As an experienced clinician, I love having access to many tools : Jungain Sandplay Therapy, Expressive arts, Guided Visualization and Gestalt Therapy. These modalites are extremely effective b/c they can bypass the defenses of the mind and gently get to the core issues making therapeutic change more long lasting and meaningful.

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  City Brooklyn, NY
  Zip Code 11217
  Phone Number (718) 622-5220

Customer Testimonials

I had just gone through a painful divorce and I was worried about the effects on my children. My 9 year old daughter was slightly anxious, tearful, and rageful. The hardest part was that she was keeping it all in and not telling me anything that was happening for her. She was quiet in school and wasn’t sure how to advocate for herself. Through her work with Therese, I watched my daughter begin to find her voice and gain strength, power and confidence that I never knew she possessed. The unfolding of this courageous, powerful young girl was the best gift anyone could ever have given to me. Therese lovingly and gently guided my daughter through her darkest and saddest times, giving her the voice she needed to heal and to find her way. I am forever grateful as is my daughter and I continue to refer people to Therese almost weekly! She is truly a gifted clinician and I feel so lucky that we have her in our corner if we ever need to see her again.

Therese Bimka’s creative, compassionate presence has been an essential part of my life for over 8 years. She is a gifted care provider, using dynamic therapeutic approaches involving body, mind and spirit.
As a full-time minister and spiritual leader, her care and wisdom has guided me towards deeper emotional
and spiritual well-being as well as personal fulfillment.

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Developed by Seena Frost, SoulCollage involves the use of collaged imagery on 5 x 8 cards to create a "deck" that captures a glimpse of the Divine spark that lives within all of us. SoulCollage is a beautiful creativity tool for accessing your deep and authentic inner wisdom. In SoulCollage you get to uncover core identities and archetypal energies (dormant or active) while engaging with inner-directed purpose and guidance. In SoulCollage you have the opportunity to unlock emotional obstacles that keep you stuck as well as receive accurate guidance for how to step into the most authentic expression of your vital core self.