TCM medical practice is guided by Chinese philosophy, which teaches that the human body is not only part of the world, but actually a tiny version of it.. Acupuncture is one of the therapeutic methods used by TCM to influence the energy status. An acupuncturist could stimulate the body's own healing response, aid restore its natural balance by inserting fine needles into the channels of energy.

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Life Rising was established in 1985 by Zhengang Guo, our master herbalist and acupuncturist. It is the culmination of his lifelong pursuit of proficiency in TCM and Western medicine. This pursuit led him to Chicago where Life Rising was founded. Life Rising provides background information for general knowledge and recommendations for educational opportunity in TCM. Be sure to browse our site to learn more about us and TCM. As you'll soon discover, we strive to offer the best of TCM in Chicago.

Spearheaded by the best herbalist and acupuncturist in Chicago, our TCM School continues to lead the way. Master Guo and his team of TCM practitioners incorporated Chinese herbs and other related TCM methods into his practice well before TCM gained momentum in the United States. The Chicago School of Traditional Chinese Medicine is Master Guo's next venture. In the spirit of continuing education, Master Guo also makes a monthly seminar available to guide patients and the general public in the pursuit of a healthy, balanced lifestyle through traditional Chinese medicine.

Life Rising knows that getting the proper treatment from a caring and knowledgeable acupuncturist in Chicago is one side of the coin, but educating yourself and staying informed is the other side of the coin of TCM-based health and well being. Balance is the key and the herbal formulas we offer coupled with consistent sessions of tuina or acupuncture can go a long way. Start here for background information on traditional Chinese medicine. This page has almost everything you need and want to know about traditional Chinese medicine from how and why TCM works to herbal remedy recipes and techniques to keep you in equilibrium.