Town Center Wellness is situated in the First Colony Community of Sugar Land, TX just outside of Houston. Dr. Peter Osborne is both a doctor of chiropractic as well as a Board Certified doctor of clinical nutrition. The practice focuses on both chiropractic care and natural integrative holistic care employing natural methods of treatment. Dr. Osborne's philosophy is look for the root of the problem and address it. Utilizing cutting edge genetic, nutritional, and hormone lab testing, we find the answers to your medical mysteries when other forms of treatment fail.

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  City Sugar Land, TX
  Zip Code 77479
  Address 7616 Branford Place Suite 110
  Phone Number (281) 240-2229

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K-1 Noblerex Whole Body Vibration

K-1 Noblerex Whole Body Vibration

Town Center Wellness is happy to offer this technologically advanced form of rehab. Whole body vibration may be prescribed to you during your treatment plan to help improve muscle strength, tone, coordination and more. This type of treatment has also been used for weight loss and building bone mass. The therapy is so effective and beneficial that many of our patients decide to buy a machine once their treatment in our office is finished. Whole body vibration has been very well researched for a number of conditions and uses.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

No More Tar!

Regular cigarettes emit 4, 000 identifiable chemicals many of which are known to cause cancer.

No More Smoke!

Electronic cigarettes do not burn therefore have no harmful smoke and chemical inhalation associated with regular smoking

No More Ashes No More Smells!

Electronic cigarettes do not burn therefore produce no ashes or offensive odors associated with regular cigarettes.

There are many products available to help with smoking cessation gums, patches, prescription pills, etc. Some of these products work for some, but none of them work for everyone. The FDA has not approved electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation, so don't wait for your doctor to start prescribing these to you. They are currently being recommended as a substitute for smoking, not a smoking cessation aid. However; I have had several patients report to me that they were able to quit smoking with this product. At the very least you can avoid the thousands of chemicals in real cigarettes, reduce offensive odors, and save a lot of money because electronic cigarettes are not taxed when you buy online and are much cheaper than the real thing.

Genetic Testing for Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease

Genetic Testing for Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease

Genetic Testing Now Available For Gluten Sensitivity Without a Doctors Visit.

Test kit is mailed to your home.
No Needles or blood draws (cheek swabs) .
Confidentiality from your insurance company.
Test results emailed promptly with either a positive or negative answer.
Video download explains what you need to know and do if your results are positive.
Family discounts are available on 2 or more test kits.

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I have been suffering with severe joint pain and autoimmune thyroid disease for years. I have been to more than 8 specialist for my conditions. I went to see Dr. Osborne after seeing him talk on Fox News. A few months have passed since my initial visit. I am already feeling much better. My energy has returned, my hair has quit falling out, and my joint pain is almost completely gone. I would recommend Town Center Wellness and Dr. Osborne to anyone seeking to get help.

Value for moneyYou can't put a price on your health
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