Gentle Japanese acupuncture, Chinese herbs, heat therapy, bodywork, nutritional support, cleanses, and self-care techniques. Helping people of all ages reclaim their natural, vibrant health since 1993.

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  City Seattle, WA
  Zip Code 98105
  Address 4061 4th Ave. NE
  Phone Number (206) 323-3277

Customer Testimonials

Lesli Dalaba is the most nurturing health care provider I have ever encountered. Her acupuncture techniques are woven with observation, experience and intuition to create a warm blanket of care and healing. With the help of Lesli’s wonderful touch, I have learned valuable lessons about freeing up and maximizing my life energy.

If you’ve been struggling with fibromyalgia, I’d urge you to see Lesli. I’ve seen a number of acupuncturists in the 15 years I’ve been dealing with this chronic condition, and no one I’ve seen knows better than Lesli how to treat this illness effectively. Her acupuncture treatments are so good that I now travel 100 miles each way – from Bellingham to Seattle – to have her treatments. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Lesli Dalaba’s acupuncture practice for anyone in Seattle suffering from allergies. I’ve exhibited allergic symptoms since I was a child and have been the subject of a variety of treatments by standard western medicine, focusing on a variety of drugs, most recently cortisone-based inhalers and antihistamines. The treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbs I have experienced with Lesli has effectively controlled my allergic reactions and allowed me to stop using the variety of drugs previously prescribed. I believe that acupuncture has also contributed to an improvement in my general health and fitness. Lesli is a sensitive and perceptive practitioner, is pleasant to work with, and has a gentle, but incisive wit. I would not hesitate to recommend her for treatment of allergies or other maladies.

Dear Lesli, I feel compelled to express my gratitude for the acupuncture treatments that you have given me regarding my hot flashes. For some years, I began noticing the onset of uncomfortable heat, which I determined were menopausal hot flashes. They increased with intensity and frequency until I sought treatment from you. Your ability to quickly alleviate the symptoms is quite remarkable. One short acupuncture treatment and I am completely symptom-free for 6-8 months! No more waking in the night to hot flashes or feeling the heat wave over me, at some points, 3 or 4 times an hour! I was out of town this last summer for a month and in my poor planning, failed to have you treat me prior to leaving town. I was very uncomfortable until I returned and had a treatment from you. I am often amazed at how completely devoid of symptoms your treatments allow me to be. Thank you so much.

I have quit smoking many times before. This time was by far the easiest, and, I’m sure, the most permanent. All the stress, irritability, headaches and cravings I had to deal with the other times were practically non-existent. Lesli helped me deal with the cravings and helped to quickly detoxify my system. I really appreciate her holistic approach to medicine. I strongly recommend Lesli to anyone is who serious about quitting smoking.

Thanks so much for listening, understanding, and tuning in to all my twists and turns. I feel a deep sense of peace and relaxation when I see you.

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However, it is very important to me that my position does not prevent anyone who wishes to see me from doing so. I am committed to providing affordable care to the full extent that I am able. Learn details on how we can still work together, with or without insurance coverage. There would be limits imposed on what conditions I would be allowed to treat. Generally, only pain conditions are covered for acupuncture. This shows ignorance and disrespect for the holistic and widespread application of acupuncture and invariably leads to practitioners lying on their patient records in order to be reimbursed.