Sheila Thomson, BCPP, TBMP has offered natural wellness on the North Shore since 1987. Her private practice offers a variety of comprehensively balancing energy based bodywork & medicine. This unique approach enables her to customize each clients session. This gentle work is appropriate for all ages and stages, and is a wonderful way to keep your pets happy too.

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  Person Sheila Thomson, R.P.P., T.B.M.P.
  City Topsfield, MA
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Sheila Thomson, R.P.P., T.B.M.P.

Working alongside an innovative doctor of chiropractic and internal medicine named Dr. Peter W. Kfoury,

I was inspired as a young adult to learn all I could about complementary medicine. After Dr. Kfoury's relocation to So. Carolina, my professional trainings continued into the field of energy based bodywork and medicine.

Completing extensive trainings in the professional course of Total Body Modification (a ground breaking method of detecting and correcting body function), Dr. Victor Frank, N.D., D.C., appointed me one of his

12 Charter Instructors for his course Environmental Stress Management. Thirty-Five years ago, Dr. Frank knew how vital it would be for all people to have these tools in their home to achieve health & wellness.

I attained my advanced credentials of Registered Polarity Practitioner, and R.Y.S.E. Practitioner~Instructor from Spa Tech Institute. I am a Usui Reiki Master, Certified in Cranio-Sacral Therapy from The Upledger Institute & also from Franklyn Sills, D.O. of England. I furthered my skills in Vibrational Medicine by studying with Masters in the field. This education included Flower Essence Therapy with David Dalton (Founder Director of Delta Gardens), and Color, Stone, Crystal & Light Therapy with Joy Gardner (Author of Vibrational Healing Through The Chakras).

My personal enrichment includes 18 years study in Contemplative Meditation and Mysticsm with my Spiritual Teacher Jerry Thomas, PhD. of Stillpoint Retreats. I continue this pursuit in understanding the "root of life".

I truly believe a higher state of wellness is available to all, and I am honored to be a part of your Journey.

Products & Services

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy

Randolph Stone, D. O., D. C. combined his expertise in Western body science, with his personal experience of Eastern energy wisdom, and created a comprehensive healing art called Polarity Therapy in 1948.

Since that time research has verified the importance of the human energy system for a state of balance on all levels of body & being. A true pioneer, Dr. Stone understood the importance of restoring balance from within. Combining a variety of techniques, Polarity Therapy is a gentle and enjoyable way to elevate your state of wellness.

Total Body Modification

Total Body Modification

T. B. M. is a unique form of functional physiology bodywork. Created by Victor Frank, D. C., N. D. over thirty years ago, this comprehensive technique has been used successfully by alternative healthcare practitioners worldwide. T. B. M. is able to test, and correct, for imbalances in the body function of organs, glands, and immune response. It's protocol for balancing the body's blood sugar metabolism mechanism is instrumental in clearing up to 80% of health challenges due to an improperly functioning bio-chemistry. The work with pathogens and allergens is uniquely customized for each individual. T. B. M. 's body "tune-up", balancing food plan, and radionically charged vials for testing, was the pioneer for many similar methods used today.

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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial from Nancy Karolides

I met Sheila in 1990, while she was an assistant teacher during my trainings at the Polarity Realization Institute in Ipswich, MA. Since then, she has become the "glue that holds me together". Her knowledge of TBM; Polarity; EFT; Ryse and other natural healing modalities used in her practice, have helped me tremendously. I have taken many of her classes, where she is always more than willing to share her knowledge with all who are interested. Whether during a session, a group clinic, or a class, Sheila listens to that small voice within her, to guide you gently to the best experience. She is the greatest!" Nancy Karolides, APP, Reiki Master

Testimonial from Sharon O'Connor, RN, LHPT

Iíve been seeing Sheila since 2005 with wonderful results. Sheila's holistic healing practice is really amazing. She has helped me significantly with physical and emotional challenges. In light of our societyís belief in allopathic medicine, what Sheila does seems miraculous, yet once understood, makes perfect sense. I have grown immensely on many levels with her help. Sheila's wise words encourage me, and bring solace, every time. She has tremendous gifts to share with you. I highly encourage you to experience her work for yourself. Sharon O'Connor, RN, LHPT

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Enjoy a unique combination of trigger point therapy, soft tissue release, and eastern tridoshia balance. Access your body's innate wisdom for healing, and restore the free flow of vital life forces. The professional foundation of her private practice was developed with her mentor Peter Kfoury, DC, DABCI, a Chiropractic Internist. As a clinical assistant protege of this integrative wellness doctor, Sheila had several interdisciplinary tools of of natural medicine to build on. The first layer was the doctorate level study of an original, and globally effective, form of Functional Kinesiology, with the visionary founder of Total Body Modification.