To date , it has been immediately effective for:
Lots of tennis elbow - General pain - Carpal tunnel - Migraines - Psoriasis -Skin conditions - Emotional stuff - PTSD - Thyroid
Insomnia - Clearing / lightness of Being - Neuropathy - TMJ - Seizures, and generally ones own highest greatest good.
Try it for Chakra's.
In all these occurrences, a positive effect was obtained within a minute, or less, and two minutes for the thyroid issue.
Prices are incredibly reasonable and range from $20 - $50. ( PTSD / Psoriasis) A travel fee would apply.

Distance Healing.
Presently, it is difficult for me to wrap my mind around this concept. However, I have been asked on four occasions to do it. All four times it was reported to me that there was immediate and positive effect. Plus, there are many who claim that it works and is available, so, I must say that it IS possible. $50 for it appears that it takes more energy for me. Again, no charge if no success.

Call for an appointment, or to arrange a group healing party.

Now this may sound a little spooky............... but if there is a pesky little ghost that is bothering you, or just plain freaking you way out....... I can send them to the light. its worked every time.

What's the definition of a GURU?
Gee, you ARE you.

Heaven is where you stand. Stand in your Power. Dance in your Grace. Show your shine.

Thanks for reading and trust yourself. Your heart knows what you need.

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healer guy

just another otter of the universe on a mission to know and to understand, to express and to experience, the greatest version, of the grandest vision, of who I really am. Realizing that each act is an act of self definition. Knowing that there is an intelligence to all things, and a purpose to all things. Study deeply.

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Presently, it has worked on:

Lots of tennis elbow
General pain
Carpal tunnel
Skin conditions
Emotional stuff

Customer Testimonials

I thought the healing you did was awesome. I was at a Mind Body Spirit event and was suffering from a terrible migraine. I had a healing session with Lance, and I felt instantly more relaxed. The healing energy was gentle and relaxing. I would recommend his services to anyone who would like to feel more at ease.

Lance is a conduit for all that is good. If you trust and allow it, that goodness will flow from him to you, rejuvenating your heart and soul. That's how it worked for me, and I'm forever appreciative.

I visited Lance about my sleep issue, for whatever reason my sleep light and too short. After visiting Lance a few times, my sleep is much deeper and has increased by almost 2 hours. He really helped.

I met lance at a local watering hole. He walked up to me and asked if I was is any pain. He must of seen it in my face. He told me he had a gift and could take the pain out of my shoulder that I’ve have for two years. My pain level dropped dramatically and in two day it was completely gone.
Thanks Lance!