I am a licensed Reiki Master trained at Harmonizing Health Retreat by Patrice Joy Masterson. I finished courses in Reiki I, II, II and Master level there along with Kofutu and Huna Reiki.

I found several years ago, along my journey that I have natural abilities in the way of being a conduit for healing energy. I don’t trust in coincidences. I also believe the Universe sends you who you need when you need them. I met Patrice at a local event and the ball began rolling to get me involved in Reiki training. The timing was, of course, perfect.

I have also worked as a vet technician for, collectively, the better part of eight years. Which gives me a unique insight into pets’ requirements.

My college education was spent working toward license in education for students with learning and behavior disorders. Which has ultimately prepared me to have a deeper understanding of working with Reiki energy and children with these sorts of issues.

I spend my time at home with my two small boys playing and homeschooling. We also spend time with our two dogs, cat and ferret.

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Jamie Best


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Our pets bring us unconditional love and joy everyday. They deserve the chance to experience the relaxation, peace and healing qualities a Reiki session can provide as well.

You may not realize that your pet also has a chakra system and illness, stress and injury can cause imbalance in them as much as their people. They can also take on the stress of their humans. While Reiki is not a change for vet care, it is a fantastic add on to it. It is gentle and also promotes self-healing in animals.

It can help with your pet's emotional well-being by relaxing and reducing stress. It can also help heal previous emotional problems (yes, your pet has feelings too!) . This will often serve to reduce or even remove behavior issues.

If your pet has recently been treated for an illness, injury or recovering from surgery, Reiki can promote self-healing and relieve pain.

If your pet is transitioning from this life, Reiki can offer a sense of peace and comfort during the process.



Just moving through life day to day causes stress, illness and sometimes injuries. It's significant to take time out for yourself to relax and give your body and soul the time and space it requires to heal physical and emotional ailments.

Reiki is non-invasive and useful in conjunction with your regular medical care. Energetic imbalances happen in people when we get sick, have an injury or experience stress. These energetic imbalances can often lead to even more physical and emotional unwanted issues. Reiki can help rebalance energy and allow your body to relax and heal itself.

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Kindness bracelet by VioletBreathReiki via @Etsy https://t.co/dIjfHcl6MN
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Gettin' my detox on today.
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Special for March 2016: Book an in-home party for up to six people for $100. Each guest will get a 30 minute detox session. Comment below or private message me for details on scheduling! http://www.violetbreathreiki.com/naturopath-cleanse-foot-detox/
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Check out this list of DIY recipes using essential oils! I'm now booking February and March for DIY parties. I'll bring all the supplies for you and your guests. Everyone goes home with the DIY project of your choice. Just message me if you want to schedule.
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If you get stressed doing this job, you're doing it wrong.
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Reiki infused jewelry https://t.co/RS2dKce2tv
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New services offered! Naturopath cleanse foot detox. https://t.co/VJcY4tMBtW
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Online scheduling available now https://t.co/TQCrNTwebe
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