Light Therapy increase blood flow, decrease pain & inflammation, assist the bodies ability to self heal. 1 on 1 sessions. Also sell device for in home use.

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  City Sierra Vista, AZ
  Zip Code 85635
  Address 362 E Wilcox Drive
  Phone Number (520) 261-4161


Reversing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's With Near Infrared

This video discusses the paper called "Turning On Lights to Stop Neurodegeneration: The Potential of Near Infrared Light Therapy in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease" published in Frontiers in Neruroscience. Near infrared therapy is increasingly looking like it could be both neuroprotective AND could slow or stop disease pathology. If that doesn't catch your interest keep in mind that this is something that current mainstream medicine does not do either with Alzheimer's or Parkinson's

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Wellness Light Therapy, light session for Traumatic Brain Injury
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Another way to lower your pain!
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If you are not in my area, please contact me I will find out if there is someone near you. If not, I do rentals too, so you can see if this is something that will work for you. I also sell the same units I use in my sessions, that can be used at home.
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We are currently looking for Vendors. Please contact Connie @ 520-261-4161 for more information.
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Some of my fellow In Light Associates are putting on this event. Guest speaker is Dr. Ginger Bowler one of my instructors for my Light Therapist Certification. She is very down to earth, easy to follow, understand and fun too!
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SOUTHERN ARIZONA COMMUNITY NETWORK EVENT Sierra Vista - June 7, 2017 - 9:00 - 1:00 Cochise College - Sierra Vista Campus - Library Horace Steele Conference Room 901 North Colombo Avenue Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 Join us for a community event focused on strengthening
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We Thank You and Your Families for your Service! We stand behind you and have you in our continued prayers.
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