We work together in exploring the roots of the imbalances you are struggling with and help you reunite more profoundly with your center of calm and peace. This in turn creates a safe pathway for releasing feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that are limiting your life.

Modalities that I work with include:

HYPNOTISM - a technique that makes use of the trance state and suggestion to adjust habits of thought, feeling and behavior.

REIKI HEALING - a Japanese technique for deep relaxation that also promotes healing.

ASTROLOGICAL CONSULTING - if you are seeking a more expanded view of who you are.

My services include in office sessions, phone sessions, workshops, and presentations.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • National Guild of Hypnotists

Payment Options

  • PayPal, Personal Checks, Cash

Contact Details

  City Pleasant Valley, NY
  Zip Code 12569
  Phone Number (845) 635-8974

From Our Website

Thank you for your interest in Whole Person Healing! It has been a privilege to serve those in need of healing support for over 20 years! Since starting my healing practice in 1997, I have helped many people find healing, improve their life balance, and enjoy greater clarity about themselves. I am proud to provide quality, in-depth training and unique healing opportunities through classes, workshops, meditations and readings. In addition to that, I continue to explore, study, travel and connect with many wonderful people, teachers and special places, which has deepened my own healing.

For Intuitive readings I use Energy Oracle cards to help clarify the energy patterns in your life - past, present and future. For Astrological readings I will need your date, time and place of birth to create an accurate chart for you. You can choose to have a general reading of the chart, or focus on a specific area of your life. Astrological and Intuitive options can be combined in readings of 30 minutes or longer.

When I do hypnotic healing work with someone for the first time it is typically a four session 'package'. This format gives you the opportunity to become more familiar with the experience of hypnosis while bringing the healing benefits into your daily life. Hypnosis is not a 'magic spell' to instantly fix you and your life, but an opportunity to become more aware of and centered in your 'finest' self. Time is inherent in this gentle and respectful form of healing and transformation. Below is a description of how the sessions are set up.

Spiritual Healing is often ongoing. As we move through life's various experiences, deeper layers of healing need may be revealed. These are opportunities for continued growth on your spiritual path. Please note: Spiritual healing is not a substitute for medical, or psychological diagnosis and/or treatment. I do not diagnose conditions, nor perform medical treatment, nor prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. It is recommended that people see a licensed physician, or licensed health care professional for any physical, or psychological ailment they have.

The essence of all meditation is focusing your attention. There are many things that can be focused on, and so, there are many forms of meditation. In my meditation programs I present a variety of meditations giving you the opportunity to discover which forms work best for you, and build a tool box of techniques to draw from. Through meditation practice you can become better at bringing your mind back to the focus when it has wandered. Becoming more mindful increases your ability to manage mental, emotional and physical energies.

Astrology is an ancient art/science used for tracking and interpreting the positions & relationships of heavenly bodies in relation to our lives. An astrologer reads the horoscope which is a map of the positions of the sun, moon & planets in space and their relationships with one another and the earth at a particular time & place. I am most comfortable doing astrological readings with clients as an aid for clarifying the energies influencing a time, situation or behavioral tendency. Awareness of these energies makes it possible to align oneself with healthier and more constructive forms of manifestation.