A new paradigm in medical practice has evolved in shifting the focus on medical practice from the traditional disease centered treatment, where you have a medical issue and seek the assistance of a physician, to a more patient centered approach to medical practice addressing the underlying cause of a disease. This has been fueled by extensive clinical research and practical application by researchers, scientists, and physicians worldwide.

By spending time with a patient, learning about their lifestyle and family history, you can determine lifestyle factors that may influence long - term healthcare, prevention of diseases, and restoring health and vitality to an individual. This functional approach promotes health and vitality in the absence of disease and allows treatments that address an individual's specific needs to restore physiological, psychological, and structural balance. We see this shift as the perfect opportunity to combine the practice of Primary Care with medical practices based upon advanced scientific research to improve the quality of life, reduce the effects of aging to optimize health, and maintain preventive personal health.

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  • American Academy of Anti-Aging, Functional and Regenerative Medicine
  • American Academy of Family Physicians

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Men's Health

In functional medicine we treat the underlying causes of medical issues to both address the immediate need and to prevent the reoccurrence of the disease as well as those that may follow. The process is based upon extensive testing, patient education, dietary intervention, optimizing body weight, the enhancement of gut and immune system health, and the use of natural bio-identical hormones when needed. We attempt to achieve optimal values for all nutrients and hormones with a multi-faceted and individualized treatment plan that improves the patient's quality of life and often can prevent future illness. Functional or integrated medicine focuses on the individual as a whole to improve optimal health and a more productive lifestyle.

Women's Health

Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle, feel younger and more vibrant, and minimize health risks? Anyone at any age can learn ways to have a healthier lifestyle and avoid potential illnesses later in life. At Wilmington Proactive Medicine we understand that every patient is different physiologically, psychologically, and in biochemical makeup. As a result we emphasize a personal approach to healthcare to treat any medical condition and to prevent and minimize the risks of major diseases. With the latest clinical research, advances in biotechnology, and preventive medicine, we focus on slowing down or in some cases reversing the aging process by treating age related diseases on the cellular and molecular level.

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To borrow a phrase from Tina Turner, Dr. Shanley and her team are Simply The Best! I am pleased to have her support in guiding me through my health care options; her passion for keeping up to date on current research and sharing her learning is much appreciated. From the moment I completed her new patient intake forms and we met for consultation I knew I had found a compassionate and caring physician who has interest in multiple facets of her patients' lives. Her attention to detail has provided me with ongoing positive results!

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In all my years going to doctors and explaining symptoms it wasn't to recently when we switched to Wilmington Proactive Medicine did any doctor recommend a sleep test. After completing the rest it explained so much.. Thank you

I really can't say enough about this place. Kathy Mann has helped me for years through good times and bad. Nurse Kristina is fantastic also. Thank you!!

Dr. Shanley was so fun and friendly. She made my visit extremely comfortable despite me being nervous. I was in and out of there quickly. Her staff was very kind and efficient. I'm looking forward to my next visit. I would absolutely recommend them to any friend or family member.

Great and caring group of people. I'm so happy I can continue to see Katherine Mann. She has been so helpful to me in making sure I stay healthy for about 4 years now! The rest of the staff at Proactive Medicine are really sweet and helpful too. Thanks guys!

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This is too amazing not to share. Game changer for those of us who have been crawling inside the duvet.......
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So....many people focus on sun damage to their face as it causes wrinkles/age spots and undesired appearance. But, your chest & neck gets almost the same exposure over time & gets much less attention and care!! In January, we are taking care of your chest
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Easy to read summary for those interested. Enjoy this Beautiful weekend! Boo! Happy Halloween.
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Hiring!! Know an LPN?? Looking for someone to start ASAP. Contact CJ at 679-4784!!! Grateful to be busy. Thanks everyone. xoxoxo
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Anti-aging medicine combines biotechnology with advanced clinical preventative medicine for the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age related disorders and diseases to prolong a healthy lifestyle in people. Integrated Medicine offers personalized primary care with a patient centered partnership to optimize your health. By understanding patient history and lifestyle, we develop strategies that discover deeper causes of illnesses and their prevention throughout your life. Rejuvenation is a process that applies to the whole body that gives us the ability to have a healthy lifestyle and lasting vitality.

Functional medicine is a system- oriented method of engaging the patient and a physician in a therapeutic partnership to address the underlying causes of diseases. It is a patient centered approach where physicians spend time with their patients and discuss genetic, environmental, and lifestyle issues that can influence long term health rather than just treating an isolated review of symptoms. It is a practice that is effectively suited for the 21st century lifestyle. The world we live in is experiencing substantial increases in the number of people who suffer from debilitating and chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, mental illness, and autoimmune disorders.

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