At Women's Healing Circle, we focus on using the latest findings of modern science, while honoring the ancient wisdom of traditional healing systems. Our unique approach to health is both integrative and holistic, we look at the whole person, mind, body and spirit. Our practice is rooted in the principles of Alternative Medicine, but as an integrative health specialist we use the principles of various healing methods which include: nutrition, herbalism, energy medicine and more Contact us today for a complimentary 20 minute Consultation and Comprehensive Health Profie.

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  Person Anisa Abeytia
  City Alhambra, CA
  Phone Number (408) 668-8248

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Anisa Abeytia

Anisa Abeytia holds an M.A. from Stanford University and since 1999 has been studying and researching Islamic Medicine and studied to become a Certified Islamic Herbalist. She attended the oldest herbal school in the U.S. and studied with some of the most renowned herbalists. She founded Alya's Botanicals, an herbal body care company specializing in black cumin seed products. She is currently pursuing an M.S. in Holistic Nutrition. She writes regularly on the topics of health and nutrition.

Products & Services

Package Rate/Hourly Rate

We offer personalized healing protocols that take into account your unique clinical picture and give you real answers to YOUR health question.

Hourly Rates
Initial Client Intake 90 minutes
Follow Up Meeting 60 minutes
Maintenance Sessions 30 minutes

The Package Rate not only offers a money saving incentive, it also provides you with a clear commitment to working together.

*Services in the package rate includes:
The Initial Client Intake
Follow Up Meeting
Six Maintenance Sessions
Also two, hour long bodywork sessions

*Package and Hourly Rates Also Include:
Personalized Healing Protocol
Metabolic Profile
Digestive Health Analysis
Three Day Diet Analysis
Functional Detoxification Profile
Comprehensive Health Profile
7 Day Menu Planner with Shopping List and Tips

The Initial Client Intake is a 90 minute session that seeks to reveal a comprehensive clinical picture. This is an information gathering session that allows for the crafting of a personalized protocol.

The Follow Up Meeting is where suggestions are presented to the client along with a healing protocol.

The Maintenance Sessions are our check in times where.

Ask The Expert

$10 and $50

Do you have a question about health and well being that you would like to have answered by an expert?

Sometimes a question arises in our lives that does not require a consultation session, but does warrant a response.

In our "Ask The Expert" feature, Anisa Abeytia will bring her years of experience and years of training in various healing traditions together to answer your questions.

You will receive a well researched, professional answer that gives background information as well as praactical tips that you would not receive on a free database.

Anisa has been consulted with by clients world wide and her work has appeared in five different languages.

So go ahead and Ask the Expert, it's your health, it's worth knowing.

Depending on your need, we have a plan to fit you.

One Time Question*

Do you only occasionaly have a question to ask? Then go with our one time fee of $10.


After making a payment, please submit your question to:

anisa@womenshealingcircle. org
or you can ask your question directly in the Paypal window

Two Months of Unlimited Questions*

Do you have more than the occasional question to ask or want the flexibility to ask as many questions as you like? This one time fee of $50 allows you to ask away for two months.

After making a payment, please submit your question to:

anisa@womenshealingcircle. org
or you can ask directly in the paypal window.

Questions are typically answered within the following 48 hours.

This is not meant to take the place of advice from a medical doctor. We do not diagnosis or prescribe. Before starting any new program please consult with your physician.

Customer Testimonials

I worked with Anisa for a period of six months due to a severe throat infection, weak immune system and skin breakouts that I experienced for three years. Within three months of working with her I saw amazing results with my body. I remember the day I Iooked into the mirror and saw a new person that was hard for me to recognize at first. My health started to improve, my throat sickness started to heal and my energy boost was incredible. Not only did I find Anisa to be very knowledgeable and experienced in her field but her personal warmth is something I cannot forget, even until today! She was always available when I needed assistance and it felt like she deeply cared for me not only as a patient but a friend. May God bless you - you are definitely one of a kind in your field!

Anisa Abeytia is more than an Integrative Health Specialist, she is a healer who treats the whole person, body, mind and spirit. Her warm,compassionate, and caring approach to client care coupled with experience
and expertise meld together in her uniquely holistic approach to medicine is unparalleled in my experience.
I was a mess before my first meeting with Anisa. I was over weight, pre-diabetic,fatigued, had respiratory problems and in general poor health. Iam a teacher so I have excellent health coverage and I was seeing my
doctor regularly. My doctor treated me with antibiotics and told me to lose weight and eat healthier. I did all those things but why was I not getting better. I felt lost, over whelmed, and did not know where to start.
My first consultation with Anisa proved to be very fruitful. She administered a comprehensive assessment and together reviewed my results. She was able to treat my symptoms and explore and pinpoint the causes. She
explained everything in detail and she welcomed all my questions. Anisa provided the support and guidance that I needed to take my first steps.
She prepared my personal protocol, meal planner with shopping list,and body work (so relaxing) and as an added bonus I have lost weight and I am fun and joyful again. I have enjoyed her classes on health and beauty,her recommended readings, and I have just enrolled in her "Ask The Expert."
My journey to wellness has just begun, and I just want to say, THANK YOU ANISA for helping me discover that I am responsible for my health and well being.

Thank you for the care that you have been providing me over the last few years. In looking back on our relationship, I feel like we have gone through a period of tremendous learning and growth. When we first met, I was having constant burning in my stomach and my physician had prescribed 40 mg of Famotidine twice a day. In addition, I experienced regular constipation. I thought that if I supplemented my physician's care with a regiment of regular exercise and a diet of organic fruits and vegetables that my health would improve. I would have good days and bad days and was settling into the fact that discomfort is a normal process of getting old. I thought that my body had seen better days and that these changes in my body must be from menopause. I had even been diagnosed with polyps in my rectal canal. My body seemed to be falling apart.

Coming under your care, I received more than just an herb or treatment. After going through our initial period of information gathering, I realized that you were able to associate my symptoms with my eating and life style decisions. I noticed that your recommendations on what to eat, supplements to include, and foods to avoid, made me feel better. This is a little awkward, but I began to have regular bowel movement for the first time in my life. I no longer am on prescription medication and my skin appears more taut. I feel noticeably better than I have in years.

I have always believed in organic foods, but you have provided me with the education to know that some foods are better for me than others. I just happen to be reflecting on my progress and thought I should send you a note of acknowledgement and appreciation. Thanks for your continuing care and I look forward to developing more skill as we progress on this journey of improving health.