My acupuncture practice focuses on the relationship between your physical and mental health. If you have ever noticed a physical response to an emotional situation, or if your moods are significantly influenced by the way you feel physically, you may want to consider acupuncture. These two aspects of your well-being are intimately connected, and acupuncture and Chinese medicine provide a way to nurture both, allowing you to heal fully. My practice makes use of many Chinese medicine modalities, which gives you multiple tools for improving your health.

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  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese herbs
  • Moxibustion
  • Tui na
  • Cupping
  • Diet therapy

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  Person Yunker Acupuncture
  City New York, NY
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  Address 57 West 57th Street, Suite 1109
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Yunker Acupuncture

Jessica Yunker is a licensed acupuncturist and board-certified herbalist, as well as an adjunct professor at Touro College's Graduate Program in Oriental Medicine in New York City. She holds a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Touro College. Upon graduation, she was presented with the Touro College Maimonides Award for exemplifying high professional ideals in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Customer Testimonials

My husband and I tried to get pregnant for 5 years prior to my treatments with Jessica. We believe her acupuncture treatments and prescribed herbal formulas were the key to our subsequent pregnancy and the birth of our daughter Frances. Jessica's treatments were caring, thorough, and supportive.

Last fall I began to have an upset stomach and I was emotionally upset. I thought acupuncture might help because I didn't feel
western medicine was going to cure me. After doing a search on the internet, I began to read Jessica's bio. Part of her philosophy is to understand how emotions can effect a person's well-being. After being a patient of Jessica's, I feel my life has stabilized emotionally, and physically my health has improved. I look forward to my treatments as a place where I can relax from this chaotic world.

While I initially sought out acupuncture treatment to address specific problems, I quickly learned that it offers even greater benefits in creating whole body balance and wellness. Since I have gone to see Jessica my mood, energy levels and overall health have improved. She is a caring, thorough and skillful professional.

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I'm at the North Jersey Pride Festival in Maplewood, with Wellspring Health Collective. Stop by if you're in the area - this is a great event!
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From Our Website

Jessica Yunker is a licensed acupuncturist who is passionate about helping you feel better. Jessica is truly excited about acupuncture and its potential to improve your health and your life. I am pleased and honored to provide high-quality, attentive, friendly care to those in need of healing. My practice is dedicated to helping people with physical and mental health concerns. I am especially interested in the ways the body and the mind influence each other. Acupuncture is the perfect tool for addressing both, together.

Chinese herbs can help you heal from many types of illness. They can be used in conjunction with acupuncture or by themselves. Herbs are very useful in the treatment of chronic conditions, such as fertility and menstrual issues, and mood disorders; they can also be used for more short-term or acute conditions, such as bronchitis or seasonal allergies. There are also mineral products and shells, and a few animal products. Some of the substances used in Chinese medicine may be familiar to you, such as cinnamon twig, peony root, angelica root, and goji berries.

Please plan to spend about 90 minutes at your first appointment; follow up appointments are about 60 minutes. Have a little something to eat before you come in - nothing too heavy, but it's better if you don't have an empty stomach. First, Jessica will meet with you to discuss the main reasons you've come for acupuncture treatment. She'll ask questions about the duration of the problem, other treatments you might have tried, locations and qualities of pain, related symptoms, and other health issues that are relevant to Chinese medicine diagnosis.

These are the questions everyone has about acupuncture in general, and about Jessica's practice in particular. Don't see your question here? Here's the truth: most points are not painful. Some points hurt more than others, and some people are more sensitive than others, but the vast majority of acupuncture points cause minimal or no pain. I always do my best to make sure my patients are comfortable before I leave the room. If a point hurts or feels strange, just say so - usually a minor adjustment is all it takes to make you comfortable.