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In response to numerous requests to teach classes about Natural Healing, we have decided to offer a series of events which will enhance your ability to use common supplements that produce extraordinary results. We desire to take the guess work out of your journey to optimal health. Herbs are Nature’s Medicine, Nutritional supplements are a must, and your Brain Health is paramount if you want to function at a higher level of overall wellness. We can show you the way to Mind-Body-Spirit Wholeness.

Do you suffer from Brain Fog? Stress (Doesn’t Everybody?) Fatigue? Learn how common place issues may be easy to resolve with the right regimen! It just makes sense that if your brain is working right, the rest of your body will follow given the brain is the Hard Drive of the body and Seat of the Soul.

Educational classes Begin Oct 14 2015
Lana J Thomas M. S. Health Psychologist
Melissa Kirby Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Instructor




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Sep 17, 2015

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