Come learn Qi Gong And EFT.
Qi Gong Are primarily Breathing methods From China, combined with Static and or Moving postures designed to improve or heal chronic problems such as:
Carpal tunnel
lack of Energy


An easy-to-learn, 'drug free' way to relieve physical and/or emotional pain and discomfort. Finally, an effective tool that isn't complicated or costly.
EFT Tapping is wonderful for helping with emotional issues, pain, weight loss and even chronic anxiety or depression! It helps shift or dissolve stressful emotions, negative patterns/habits and the limiting beliefs that hold us back in our personal life, career and relationships!

EFT is clinically proven to be effective and in many cases, it's much faster than conventional therapies. EFT can even help resolve a problem or issue so completely that it disappears from our life! Many people report having difficulty recalling the issue, after they've used the EFT techniques on their problem!


$30 Per Lesson/ $200 Per Month


Published on

Mar 23, 2011

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