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We are mostly looking to add yoga instructors who teach Power or Vinyasa classes:
Level 1/2
All Levels
Advanced Level 2/3
Early morning, Noon, Evening and Weekend Classes!

If you teach a style other than Power or Vinyasa and are interested, let us know! We are open to all suggestions! Remember this studio is not only being built with the community, but with the teachers as well!
Instructors will be paid a flat rate + extra depending on number of students. We will begin adding classes as of April 1st.

When contacting tYp, please include the following info:
1. Type of Yoga you teach
2. Time Availability. Please be as specific as possible. (i. e. Weekday mornings, M/W evenings etc)
3. Contact Info & Website (if any)
4. Tell us a little about yourself

We look forward to hearing from you and helping us build the YOGA place


Published on

Mar 28, 2011

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