Work Permission :
Licensed acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Maryland, USA
Seeking a position to utilize my knowledge and skills in acupuncture and traditional Chinese herb medicine.
 M.S. of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( NYCTCM ) 2010
 B.S. in Medical Technology, Fujian Medical College, Fuzhou, P.R. China
 Knowledge of point location, meridian, clean needle technique, manipulation
 Knowledge of individual herb and herb formula
 Using TCM theory to diagnosis disease (yin-yang, five element, tongue checking, pulse checking, etc.)
 Auricular acupuncture
 Scalp acupuncture
 Electrical acupuncture
 Moxibustion
 Tuina (massage)
 Cupping
 900 hours clinical experience in NYCTCM clinic
 Worked in my fatherís herb clinic as a dispenser
 I am a third generation Acupuncturist and Herbalist, and have received family training in Traditional Oriental Medicine since early childhood
 Clean needle technique
 Oriental herb medicine
 Certificate of Diagnostic Ultrasound Technician, Louis Career Development Center in New York, New York 2008
1 English
2 Chinese mandarin (native)
3 Japanese

Key Skills

experience in treating of chemotherapy patient.

Educational Details

Graduated from new york college of traditional Chinese medicine MS
licensed in state of maryland.

Year of Birth

1968, male

Currently Employed


Name & Surname

Yang Chong Chen

Phone Number

646 269 1740

City & State

Frederick, Maryland

Zip Code


Street Address

1411 Bluewing Ct