Sifu B.C. Hill Bey began his Martial art training at the age of 5 with Shotokan Karate. At 9 years old Sifu Bey began learning Monkey style kung fu. At 12 years old he bought Robert Smiths book on Ba Gua Zhang and he tried teaching himself Ba Gua Zhang.

One day in the park of the complex where he used to live, Sifu Bey was out side trying to walk the circle. An elderly Chinese man walked up to him, and showed him how to walk the circle properly, with one simple change of direction. This event began Sifu Bey's long road to learning Ba Gua Zhang. The single changing palm was all he knew until meeting Kenny Gong at 18 years of age.
Between that time, at 18 years of age, Sifu Bey learned Northern Mantis with Tony Chu and he also learned Eagle Claw with Leung Shum . From Leung Shum, Sifu Bey became very skilled in Chin Na. Sifu Bey's schedule at 18 years old was very rigorous. He learn Ba-Gua with Kenny Gong 5 days a week and Eagle Claw on the weekends.

At 20 years of age, Sifu Bey decided to dedicate his life to the study of Ba Gua Zhang. Sifu Bey spent 17 years with Kenny Gong . He also studied with Lou de Xu (Eric Lou) of the Gou Style of Ba Gua Zhang and Lin Chao Zhen of the Fu Style Ba Gua Zhang. Sifu Bey served as the NY Representative of Johnny Kwan Ming Lee - Fu style. He studied Yin style of the Cao branch from Chen Xiao Ping. In 1995 Sifu Bey also studied under Shi Pei Qi and Ha Jin Bao of the Yin Fu style of Ba Gua Zhang as taught by Men Bao Zhen.

Sifu Bey has competed in fighting tournaments in hs early teens but was disqualified for utilizing techniques instead of fake approaches that score points. Also he has competed in various forms competition. Sifu Bey is also a San Shou Referee and judge certified by Xia Ba Hua of Beijing ..
He is director of The Ba-Gua Zhang Boxing and Research Association International . He has tirelessly worked to Promote Ba-Gua as a true Martial Art and not a dance. He is also the host of the Annual All Ba-Gua Zhang Championship Tournament, and a well known Qi Gong Instructor, Also in2010, Sifu Hill Bey wrote his first book on Ba Gua Zhang.

Key Skills

Qi Gong/Nei Gong, Martial Arts, Ba Gua Zhang, Xing I

Educational Details

Certified Ba Gua Zhang Instructor, All aspects, under Sifu Kenny Gong of the Shing Yi Association, Certified Taoist Qi Gong Instructor under Xia Ba Hua of Beijing.
Ben Hill is not a licensed health care professional, and offers EFT as an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner.

Acceptable Locations

Privet as well as group sessons are available

Desired Salary

$30 Per Lesson/ $200 Per Month

Total Experience

40 years

Year of Birth

1964, male

Currently Employed


Name & Surname

Ben Hill

Phone Number


City & State

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Street Address

217 S. 13th St