Career Objectives:
To associate myself with an organization in which I can utilize my skills and abilities in Ayurvedic practice, and make significant contribution towards my professional growth, and my institution while being resourceful, innovative and flexible.
Professional Summary:
Expertise in all the Ayurvedic Panchkarma Procedures.
Skilled in various types of Basti procedures (internal and external).
Worked on different types of Panchkarma Procedures such as, like Vaman, Virechan, Basti, Nasya, and Shirodhara in various camps.
Experience in treating Pakshaghat (Paralysis), Sthoulya (Obesity), and Vata Vyadhies (Diseases).
Professional Skills:
Ability to handle patients well
Good coordination skills
Time management
Multi Tasking

1) Shathayu Ayurvedic Centre, Bangalore, India.
Position/ Designation: Therapist for Obesity and Stress Relief
Job Role:
Taking patients complete case history and recording it as per Ayurvedic as well as Allopathic case chart
Entry of full case information in the clinical data base
Explaining the complete benefits and method of Panchkarma procedures to patients
Explaining about diet and daily regimen
2. Dhanwantari Massage and Panchkarma Centre, Pune, India.
Position/ Designation: Panchkarma and Massage Specialist
Job Role:
Taking patients complete case history and recording it as per Ayurvedic as well as Allopathic case chart
Entry of full case information in the clinical data base
Explaining the complete method and benefits of procedures to patients
Prescribing different types of massages according to the patients disease and body constitution
Explaining and training therapist about massages and their procedures
2. Drug Safety Associate (Since June 2008)
Responsible for the receipt and data entry of adverse event reports following Company Standard Operating Procedures, internal business practices and regulatory guidance documents to ensure compliance with worldwide safety regulations and corporate policies.
Job Description:
Receipt and data entry of adverse event information into the company safety database
Entry of full case information, obtaining clarification information is not clear;
Prepares auto-narrative
Triage of incoming cases to determine seriousness for prioritization of daily workflow;
Confirmation of previously entered data and completion of data entry, including writing adverse event case narrative;
Assess expectedness of adverse events and code approval numbers;
Complete quality review of own or peer DSA case executing literature searches to identify adverse events for inclusion in the worldwide safety database;
Follow procedures for supporting activities, such as requesting deletions, addition of new code list terms, preparing deviation memos, etc.;
Understand safety implications regarding contracts with J&J marketing partners.
Educational Background:
Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery: Feb 2007
Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science; Bangalore
PGD in Clinical Trial Management: June 2008
Bilcare Research Academy, Pune
Certificate course in PANCHAKARMA: May 2007.
Dhanwantari Ayurveda Chikitsalaya, Dhule.
PG Diploma in Clinical Trial Management: (Summary of the course)
1.Drug Development
2.Clinical study phases
3.Regulatory Body
4.Comprehensive ICH-GCP training
6.Management and soft skills training

Special training received and seminars / workshops attended:

2 Days Seminar on “Rachana Sharir (Anatomy)” in N.K.J.Ayurvedic Medical Collage, in 2005.

Workshop on “The Principle and practices in Orthopedic Research, Alumni Association of Sancheti Institute, 2007.

1.Workshop on “Personal Effectiveness” conducted by Empowered Learning Systems, in Bangalore, 2008.

Seminars / Tutorials presented:

1. Project on “Pakshaghat and its Treatment”.

2.Project on “Lehsuna and its therapeutic Properties”.

3.Project on “RutuSandhi and need of Panchakarma”.

4.Prepared presentation for “Overview of CFR (Code of Federal Regulation).

5.Project on “Impact of Pharmacovigilance on Drug safety”.

6.Presented power point presentation on:
(a) Cancer of Rectum
(b) Diabetic Neuropathy
(c) Code of Federal Regulation

Educational Details

Bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine and Sciences
PGD in Clinical Trial Management
AAMA Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner

Acceptable Locations

Raleigh, Morrisville, Cary, Durhum

Year of Birth

1984, female

Currently Employed


Name & Surname