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EDUCATION Orlando Christian School Of Natural Healing 5/14 Naturopathy Tripp Bible Institute 6/03 Masters degree in Christian Counseling Harrisburg Area Community College. Pa. 1/91 Associate Degree in Nursing RN EMPLOYMENT 2/2000 present Scott Young Counseling Self Owned Private counseling Christian Counseling Owner and Director CERTIFICATIONS...

Education and natural therapy professional specializing in providing services for students and individuals looking for natural, alternatives to pharmaceutical treatments for all ages. Contributes to the personal growth, emotional understanding and educational success of all clients. Creative and innovative individual committed to professional excellence and exploring new learning opportunities with...

Have 20 years in EMS, have been working as a pediatric home health nurse for the last 5 years. Furthering my education in holistic healing. LVN, 20 Years in EMS First Responder, EMT, Going to school for Holistic Health Practitioner will graduate in the spring 2015 LVN, EMT, going to school for Holistic Health Practitioner.

30 plus years as a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Acute hospitals, Convalescent hospitals and Home Care settings. Worked through staffing agencies which scheduled me in various settings in the San Mateo county and San Francisco county. Studied Ayurveda and received a certificate for Panchakarma and Ahbyanga. Currently working as a nurse intake coordinator for a home health agency acceptings cases from...

Career Objectives: To associate myself with an organization in which I can utilize my skills and abilities in Ayurvedic practice, and make significant contribution towards my professional growth, and my institution while being resourceful, innovative and flexible. Professional Summary: Expertise in all the Ayurvedic Panchkarma Procedures. Skilled in various types of Basti procedures (internal...

Sifu B.C. Hill Bey began his Martial art training at the age of 5 with Shotokan Karate. At 9 years old Sifu Bey began learning Monkey style kung fu. At 12 years old he bought Robert Smiths book on Ba Gua Zhang and he tried teaching himself Ba Gua Zhang. One day in the park of the complex where he used to live, Sifu Bey was out side trying to walk the circle. An elderly Chinese man walked up to him,...

Work Permission : Licensed acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Maryland, USA Objective: Seeking a position to utilize my knowledge and skills in acupuncture and traditional Chinese herb medicine. Education:  M.S. of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( NYCTCM ) 2010  B.S. in Medical Technology,...

Alternative and intergrated, board certified. Herbal medicine. various

Trevor Nichols D.C. 507 Georgia Ave. Apt. A-3 Forest Park, GA 30297 (404) 697-7830 E-mail: OBJECTIVE: Full-time position as an Associate Doctor of Chiropractic to utilize extensive experience and exceptional skill in patient care and rehabilitation. QUALIFICATIONS: -National Board certified for physiological therapeutics and experienced with operation of therapeutic...

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