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Dr. Kornelius Subadya is dedicated to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care. Patients seeking treatment at Alhambra Back And Neck Pain Center with Dr. Kornelius Subadya are assured of receiving only the best quality care through the use of modern chiropractic technology and equipment.

Is acupuncture right for you? Our goal is to promote balanced, healthy living through the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Preventive healthcare advice is our primary motivational factor in delivering quality care to the patient and public. Embracing the Way, you become embraced; Breathing gently, you become newborn; Clearing your mind, you become clear; Nurturing your kids, you become impartial;

Traditional Chinese medicine -one of the oldest forms of healings known -is a great treasure house. It embodies the fine achievements accumulated over the millennia in the course of medical practice of Chinese physicians. The special methods of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, with their multiple advantages, have been handed down from ancient times and improved through Asian and European countries.

At Women's Healing Circle, we focus on using the latest findings of modern science, while honoring the ancient wisdom of traditional healing systems. Our unique approach to health is both integrative and holistic, we look at the whole person, mind, body and spirit. Our practice is rooted in the principles of Alternative Medicine, but as an integrative health specialist we use the principles of various

Acupuncture is a branch of Chinese medicine that is over 2500 years old. It involves placing very thin needles in precise acupuncture points to aid the body return to a state of harmony, equilibrium, and health. It holds that the body's vital energy chi or qi circulates through channels, called meridians, that have branches connected to bodily organs and functions.

We currently have the most qualified knowledge that enables us to render the healthiest health care that is right for you. Combined Western science and Eastern philosophy, supply the finest effort of acupuncture for patients. Improved your Qi, balance your body, keep whole your body system functioning efficiently like young age.

Celebrations and parties with friends and family. Weekly Classes See the calendar for a choice of weekly group classes. The answers we need often lie beyond our conscious mind. Qi pronounced chee is the body's life enabling vital energy. We experience blockage or depletion of this vital energy as pain, disease or disharmony. These effects may be felt in our body, mind, and/or spirit.

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