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Searching for something in particular? The roots of acupuncture may be ancient, but it is a modern medicine as well, practiced in hospitals across China, Europe and increasingly the US. From low back pain to morning sickness, arthritis to fertility, acupuncture has proven its effectiveness in rigorous research studies.

Yoga means to join together the mind and body. Yoga's strength lies within the capability to speak to all kinds of people, no matter what level of fitness they are. All of our classes are created to meet both the beginner and experienced practitioner. We do this by delivering an environment that is gentle and non-competitive, yet challenging. Yoga is very beneficial and an individualized practice.

My name is Dr. Michael L. Johnson and I am the author of the alternative medicine finest seller What Do You Do When the Medications Don't Work - A Non-Drug Treatment of Dizziness, Migraine Headaches, Fibromyalgia, and Other Chronic Conditions. Chronic health conditions can include a host of other symptoms such as light sensitivity, increased sweating or hyper-hydrosis, irritable bowel syndrome or IBS,

Call for an appointment today. Our mission at Wagner Family Chiropractic SC is is to treat each patient with the best quality of care possible. That is why we schedule generous time slots for each visit. We really focus one on one with each personal patient. An extensive exam means a proper diagnosis the 1st time. Then each patient is given a specific plan to restore them to health.

Some people receive a massage just to relax and feel nice, while others get a massage for medical purposes. Massage not only stretches and loosens muscles, but promotes other positive changes in the body. Massage can increase circulation, improve joint flexibility, decrease anxiety and stress, and reduce pain in the muscles and joints.

The essence of yoga lies in the awareness of contraction and expansion. Reconnect with your spirit, and begin the journey to wholeness. - Tina Romenesko, owner of TRILLIUM YOGA.

SIMPLICITY HEALTHWORKS is a home-based holistic care center, with the term 'holistic' simply defined as a healthy balance between mind, body, and spirit. With a main focus on Reiki ray -key energy healing, a highly effective and therapeutic hands-on treatment method, I bring close to 20 years of individual knowledge and specialized training to help my customers in reaching peak physical, emotional,

  • I got a chakra balancing done by Jan and felt an immediate improvement. I came away from

We all know someone who suffers from headaches or neck pain and refuses to get chiropractic aid. Yet there are volumes of scientific research that prove the many benefits of chiropractic for many conditions. A systematic review from the medical experts published in the Duke University Report found cervical neck manipulation appropriate for tension headaches and Cervicogenic neck-based headachesadverse

At Appleton Yoga Fusion we provide vinyasa flow classes that inspire, heal and transform your body, spirit and mind through fluid movement, deep breathing and moving meditation. Yoga practice is a powerful tool for well-being. Classes are provided by intensity level, to meet the requirements of new students and the more practiced student.

  • Can't say enough about the quality or sincerity of instruction Suzy provides. Try Yoga