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Dr. Paul Finegan is dedicated to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care. Patients seeking treatment at Finegan Chiropractic Health Center with Dr. Paul Finegan are assured of receiving only the best quality care through the use of modern chiropractic technology and equipment.

We feature alternative holistic news, natural health information, products and supplements. Start improving your life now! Are you interested in achieving and maintaining your nice health? Then welcome to Long Natural Health. Timothy Long is an internationally recognized naturopathic health practitioner and energy-healer with over 20 years knowledge in the area of holistic natural health and alternative

New Life Wellness Center is a newly formed partnership that brings together three decades experience to create an environment that provides the benefits of chiropractic care, holistic skin care, unique therapies, and advanced nutritional support for optimal health opportunities. We provide a relaxing and caring environment featuring treatment plans that are customized to the unique requirements of

Here are a few photos from our December fashion show at Saxy's Cafe. Look for an upcoming show this spring! Established in 1987, Boulder Body Wear is an independently owned & operated firm situated in the pretty town of Boulder, Colorado. Over the last several years, our firm has expanded to serve three markets in our community; DANCE, FASHION, and YOGA/ACTIVEWEAR clothing.

If you're searching for an expert acupuncturist, you have come to the best place. Serving Boulder Colorado and beyond, Melissa Vidaic is a excellent choice for your acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and Oriental medical requirements. Melissa is a nationally certified and licensed acupuncturist, highly trained in a range of modalities.

Here at Flatirons Primary Care & Sports Medicine, we are all about being proactive to keep you healthy. We do this through a range of approaches, including optimized musculoskeletal health, preventive exams, screening blood work, balanced nutrition, exercise counseling, and hands-on diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. Health and wellness plans are individualized for each of our patients.

Dr. Jonathan Schnelle is a chiropractor in Boulder who specializes in natural chiropractic care for Boulder and its surrounding areas. We believe in treating the entire body in a natural, non-intrusive and drug free manner. Chiropractic is not only about relieving painit is about restoring health and improving one's quality of life.

This journey will free the body, mind, and heart from the past and connect the Present-Now Self with the True Genuine Self. Pamela Brockman's services and guided imagery MP3s can assist you lose weight, stop smoking, release fears and aid you to empower and energize your life. Being the Best Version of Yourself Are your ready RIGHT NOW to change your life in a way that is permanent and positive?

For over fifteen years, Healing Touch Chiropractic of Boulder has been committed to optimizing life expression one spine at a time. Dr. Joanie DeBever provides an integrated and honest assessment of your condition. She educates you on being an active participant with the aim of getting well to staying well.

Red Aspen Herbs & Acupuncture clinic is situated in the middle of downtown Boulder, Colorado and provides acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and Acutonics. Here you can discover all of the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM without all of the esoteric weirdness you've been wary of!

Making chiropractic care part of your health maintenance plan can assist prevent injury. We aim to get you well and keeping you healthy. This means that we do not just treat your symptoms. We review your health history; supply you with a thorough examination of your skeletal structure and take x-rays if necessary DMX to determine your health problems.

Sarito's practice incorporates a blend of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle counseling to promote optimal physical and emotional health. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine offer individualized, safe, and effective healthcare, naturally! Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive healthcare system that has been practiced, refined and enriched over the past 2500 years.

Give yourself and your loved ones a individual holiday stash of St. Claire's Premium Mints in an old-time apothecary jar! A full pound of our deliciously fresh Premium Mints - featuring a boldly refreshing blend of Peppermint, Wintermint and Spearmint essential oils. Great for refilling your tins, too! Just in time for the holidays, St. Claire's brings you ALL FIVE of their cocoas for one low price!

We're a Milk Thistle extraction firm established, managed, and run by Licensed Acupuncturists and Herbalists with the sole intention of delivering the best quality extracts for your health requirements. All products are made from 100% Organic ingredients and are tested by a 3rd party for consistency and potency.

Jody K. Shevins is a doctor of naturopathic medicine practicing in Boulder, Colorado since 1984. Completing her pre-medical studies at Cornell University, she graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland and maintains her license as a Naturopathic Doctor in the state of Oregon. At this time licensure is not available in Colorado.

Show massage clinic location photo. Chinese massage combines the finest of hands on therapeutic massage in a wellness program according to your requirements. Shiatsu, Swedish, deep tissue massage - hey are all designed to achieve an end result of wellness. Chinese traditions include hands on healing and massage for natural remedy as well as daily body balance and overall wellness.

The Boulder Holistic Medical Center is the newest manifestation of Dr. Paul Berger's medical practice in Boulder, Colorado. Dr. Berger is board certified in conventional Family Practice, and is a founding diplomate of the specialty of Holistic Medicine. Dr. Berger has worked in Boulder, Colorado for ten years.

Optimizing the health and performance of athletes. We are glad to introduce our new integrative oncology program headed by Dr. Fran Mason, board-certified oncologist. Here at Naturemed we've been practicing Naturopathic Medicine in the Denver/Boulder area for the better half of a decade. We are unique because we bridge the gap between alternative, holistic and conventional medicine.

World cultures have used natural aromatics to support wellness and enjoyment for 1000's of years. Essential oils can be easily integrated into one's daily life rendering many benefits. Some of these include skin care, infection control, pain management, individual fragrance, spiritual enhancement, recovery from illness and general enhancement of life.

A quick summary as defined by the Cranial Academy: In the US, Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine DOs are highly trained physicians, licensed to practice the whole selection and selection of medicine and surgery. US trained DOs attend their own medical schools, receive the same post-graduate training as their MD colleagues, and receive additional education in the principles of osteopathy, applied in practice

As a youth Tom became an eagle boy scout and a congressional nomination to West Point. In 1969 he was drafted into the Army where he was assigned as a cadet candidate for West Point Military Academy. While there he received spontaneous mystical siddhi yoga as a result of awakening to the inner teacher guru.

Boulder Natural Medicine Clinic provides a huge array of na turopathic services. At Boulder Natural Medicine Clinic we trust that the prevention of illness comes from assisting and strengthening your body's immune system to resist and overcome disease.

Feeling great and being healthy is what we all strive for. Since 1977, Zellner Boulder Chiropractic Center in Colorado has helped 1000's of people lead healthier, happier, pain-free lives. Using the latest technologies and integrating cutting edge research information, Zellner Boulder Chiropractic Center personally customizes a program of care to suit each person's unique requirements.

These days, knowing what to eat can be so confusing. A diet says one thing, a doctor says another, and the market we shop in bombards us with new products and supplements to try. Have you ever just wanted to sort it out once and for all? Or are you suffering from a health concern that has been ongoing for years? Our expertly trained holistic health and nutrition counselors can assist nationwide.

The letter includes health information, recipes and local events. Your information will never be shared with anyone. OM, is a nationally board-certified and state licensed acupuncturist. She was trained in Oriental Medicine acupuncture, herbal medicine and complementary modalities at one of the nation's leading institutions -Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, California.

Chinese medicine, an ancient art of healing, employs many time-honored techniques that are used to stimulate the body to activate its self-healing powers. In Asia, the use of acupuncture, moxibustion a warming process and herbal remedies have long been known to enhance the immune system and sense of highly-being that are essential in keeping the body strong in its resistance to disease.

Since its establishment in 2000, Studio Be Yoga has fostered a warm and friendly community of practitioners of varied persuasions, ages, and levels. Classes emphasize the internal practice of hatha yoga: the dynamic interplay of focused action and receptive awareness supported by the breath.

Here at the Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic in Boulder Colorado, we work tight to supply health care with meaning and direction. Our tradition of service and honesty starts with a cup of tea at the door and continues with several of the finest clinicians in the field.

My practice combines traditional Chinese medicine, Japanese style acupuncture and nutritional medicine. We specialize in internal disorders, respiratory ailments, gastrointestinal disorders, pediatrics, fatigue and infections.

Are you in search for more comfort, increased energy, a return to a highly active lifestyle and a deeper knowledge of how to strengthen and fuel your body? With care and attention, the body can heal itself. At Wellness of Boulder we empower this truth with an providing of active release technique, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, nutrition, strength rehabilitation, and fitness coaching.

Mary Shackelton, MPH, ND Naturopathic Physician Mary F. Shackelton MPH, ND is a Naturopathic Physician who practices family medicine with an emphasis on kids's and women's health. Within the kids's health specialty she successfully treats most common childhood ailments including: ear infections, immune dysfunction, allergies, eczema, asthma, behavioral disorders, and other chronic illnesses.

Colorado Therapies & Aquatic Center consists of independent practitioners who provide a comprehensive range of services in traditional and complimentary health fields. Our services promote a complete approach to emotional and physical healing and we provide services for all ages and health requirements.

Molly Amelia Greacen has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Boulder, Colorado for more then 27 years. Chinese medicine can assist you whether you are searching for a strictly natural approach, or wish to work with your reproductive endocrinologist at the same time. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is gentle but powerful system of healing.

1 of 3 prev - next About Our Practice Alternative health options geared to improving your overall immune system, as wll as, complete chiropractic treatments. Homeopathy Homeopathy, which was developed in Germany by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann 1755-1834, uses extreme dilutions of elements which, when taken by a healthy person, cause similar symptoms to the ailment being treated.

We hope our site contains the information you need to make a positive choice for your individual well being. You are welcome to e-mail or call any additional questions you may have. We provide a range of techniques and skills for your personal requirements. Some of these services will be described later on this site.

An integrative and Ayurvedic approach to maintaining high-level health and wellness. Experience Ayurvedic wellbeing through relaxing and restorative Panchakarma massage treatments and alternative medicine techniques at the LifeSpa Center in Boulder, Colorado. Book four days or more of Panchakarma by October first, 2009 and receive a 30 minute consultation with Dr. Douillard for FREE.

C hiropractic is a natural, drug-free approach to healthcare. As chiropractors, we recognize there is an inherent ability within the human body to heal itself and maintain a healthy, vibrant state. It is our job to help in maintaining that state, and to facilitate the body's self healing when it is out of balance.

The bridge between alternative and conventional medicine. We are grounded in the science of medicine and dedicated to the art of caring. Helios gifts a refreshing alternative to the typical hurried medical visit. We make a complete assessment of your health care requirements and work with you to evolve an personal therapeutic plan.

Maintaining order rather then correcting disorder is the ultimate principle of wisdom. To cure disease after it has appeared is like digging a well when one already feels thirsty. Join the 1000's of people who have found that regular massage can promote health of body and balance of spirit. Regular bodywork is not a luxury, but a crucial part of your health maintenance.

Boulder Body works of Boulder, Colorado supplies private, one-on-one Pilates and yoga instruction, as well as Pilates classes, yoga classes, massage, and physical therapy. We provide a comprehensive approach to fitness, holistic healing, and rehabilitation. Through these diverse yet complimentary therapies, our certified instructors and practitioners offer deep, personalized treatments that honor your

Become a certified yoga teacher this year! Learn and grow as a yoga practitioner in our dynamic yoga community! Now accepting applications for our work study program! Open for retreats year-round, treat yourself to inspiring yoga classes, energizing Sanskrit chanting, peaceful meditation walks and delicious vegetarian meals.

PLUG IN to a greater source - a GREENER source! The Electric Car Parade and Demonstration is Sept. 26th and starts on Santa Fe Drive, just outside of om time Denver! In addition to being a learning environment, m time is a sweet place to: hang out, shop in our fair trade yogi boutique, visit with friends before or after class, enjoy a Kirtan or Concert, have a Thai Yoga massage, or participate in one

Enjoy your summer and the great outdoors. Learn yoga at the pace that is best for you. Experience Hatha Yoga with personal attention, quality instruction, and meditation. Enhance your well being with massage and E meets W therapies.

Whether you are searching for a therapeutic treatment or massage for stress, injury, and pain or just want to relax and unwind, Whole Body Balance provides a huge array of services. Boulder Massage Therapy for pain and stress or to relax and unwind. Naturopathic medicine combines traditional, natural therapies with current advances in modern medicine.

Situated in the middle of Boulder, the health enhancement staff at the Cafe of Life are committed to assisting you reach your wellness objectives. Our purpose is: To aid people of any age to attain and maintain health, and to assist their bodies grow and function correctly without pain or discomfort so as to prevent illness, disease and a reliance or dependency on drugs or medications so that they

Active Release Technique A.R.T moves muscle fibers, tendons and aligaments through a array of motion underneath a contact touch to release adhesions and promote healing. Highly effective treatment of overuse injuries associated with repetitive stress. For Boulder's total wellness experience delivering chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, nutrition and fitness coaching, check out Wellness of Boulder.

A tranquil oasis Of vitality and health in N Boulder, Colorado, USA. GYROTONIC, Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Can benefit you in infinite ways, inside and out. Experienced instructors and practitioners Will make your experience uniquely rewarding and inspiring. Receive exemplary care And education. Feel supported As you pursue greater fitness and health.