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Situated in Cotati, Maher Chiropractic is committed to helping their patients regain and sustain their health through gentle and compassionate care. Combining skill and the latest techniques, Dr. Venus Maher is capable to improve wellness and inspire healing in those suffering from a huge array of conditions. She understands that the 1st step toward healing is listening.

At Walsh Chiropractic our goal is to provide affordable chiropractic care to anyone who seeks it. We believe everyone can have a more healthy life. In order to gain your maximum health potential your nervous system must be free of interference. Vertebral subluxations misaligned spinal bones cause disturbance in the nervous system, interfering with normal bodily functions, resulting in sickness, disease,

We provide acute care, long term care or health maintenance depending on your requirements. We provide acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. We aid lead you through appropriate lifestyle changes to promote healing.

You're excited to use homeopathic remedies to aid keep your family healthy and heal common conditions such as colds, flu, congestion, poison oak, muscle and joint pain, teething, cradle cap, etc. I want to treat my family with alternative medicine and with homeopathic remedies specifically, but I don't know where to start. I purchased the homeopathic remedy kit. But what if I use the wrong remedies?

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Hill Park Medical Center. For over 20 years the practitioners at Hill Park Medical Center have been delivering an exceptional blend of medical care which combines the finest of western and alternative medicine. This is called integrative medicine.

What should you expect on your 1st visit? We are a health and wellness facility serving Sonoma County for the past 28 years. Along with excellent chiropractic care, we provide therapeutic massage. We look beyond your symptoms to find the cause of disease in your body. We specialize in spinal health maintenance and rehabilitation to get you well speedily without the use of medication.

See Calendar for more information. Receive the finest in natural healthcare for your entire family. C heck out the Speaking Engagements for upcoming talks in Petaluma! Sara Thyr is a fully-licensed naturopathic primary care doctor who specializes in caring for women, kids and all family members.

Each of these methods of healing focus on addressing the underlying cause of illness and aid to re-establish the natural state of balance we call health. Our work is holistic and takes into account the unique makeup of each patient. When diagnosing and treating we consider the physical, emotional and what the Chinese call the shen or spirit.