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W elcome to the Family Chiropractic of Decatur website. Many of the people who visit our chiropractic site for the 1st time are in pain. While our 1st aim of chiropractic care is to assist you achieve relief, our ultimate mission is to assist you achieve a sense of wellness that goes beyond health.

Doctors Home Care is here to help you in your health and wellness mission. We provide an inexpensive yet informative way to suit your health and wellness objectives. After all nothing is more important than your health. With our aid and support we can show you many alternatives to suit your healthcare goals.

WELCOME, Over the years, we currently have assisted 1000's of people become pain free, achieve health aims, and optimize their lives. Most of our patients seek chiropractic care to overcome problems like back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Chiropractic is consistently successful in relieving these symptoms.

Our clinic provides a multidisciplinary holistic approach to healthcare. Unlike other healthcare facilities that may provide only one specialty, we currently have combined some different disciplines such as Physical Therapy, Chiropractic services, Massage Therapy and exercise rehab all under one roof to make it as convenient as possible for the patient.

Dragonfly medicine teaches us to pierce our self-made illusions. I always thought dragonflies were pretty, but never regarded them as having a special significance for me until one summer, three years ago, when they kept appearing. I was going through a number of profound individual and spiritual shifts during that time, and it seemed that at some key moment when I needed affirmation, a dragonfly would

I hope you'll find the information inside helpful in your search for healing and wholeness. I am a licensed therapist in Decatur, Georgia, in practice for over three decades. Talk Psychotherapy In talk psychotherapy you tell your story to someone who, with wisdom and a compassionate ear, can assist you sort things out. You identify old beliefs, feelings and behaviors that are not working for you.

Thirty-seven years' clinical experience has augmented the homeopathic medical education of Dr. Berryhill with invaluable insights into the causes behind chronic illnesses and a huge range of difficulties. Consultations are individual and in depth, while costs are always held to a minimum. In-office, mail, telephone and email consultations are a possibility. Take the 1st step -- make contact!

Chiropractic was both invented and innovated by the Palmer family. The institutions that bare their name are the absolute finest in the world. Many other colleges have sprung up over time, but none provide the same quality and depth of experience as the Palmer Universities. Chiropractic focuses on the system of joints that enables the body to move.

Locations: Decatur and Atlanta Let Herbal Fusion Clinic and Apothecary be your neighborhood herbal clinic that provides a complete array of herbal consulting and services based on your requirements or the requirements of your family. Herbal Fusion and your Consultation: Herbal Fusion is a clinic and apothecary concerned about whole health and wellness.