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Our goal is to offer quality holistic health care with the intent of helping people improve their quality of life & well-being. Through the use of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal therapy, Asian Body Work (Tui Na & Shiatsu), Diet & Nutritional counseling, the body's innate sense of balance & wellness can be restored. Our holistic medical approach recognizes the body as an integrated whole and addresses

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Denver South Chiropractic is dedicated to relieving your pain using the true principles of chiropractic care. Our Denver practice is equipped with modern chiropractic technology and equipment. At our Denver location, we specialize in chiropractic care, physical therapy, spinal rehabilitation, nutritional counseling, have an On-Site X-Ray facility.

Situated in the middle of Denver/Cherry Creek, the leading health specialists at Complete Wellness Chiropractic, P.C. are committed to assisting you reach your wellness objectives -- combining skill and expertise that spans the whole chiropractic wellness spectrum.

Situated in the middle of Northglenn, the leading health specialists at first Choice Chiropractic & Wellness are committed to assisting you reach your wellness objectives -- combining skill and expertise that spans the whole chiropractic wellness spectrum.

At Insight Acupuncture it is believed that the most important thing that you can do for not only yourself, but for others, is to take attention of your health. Insight Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in Denver, Colorado is dedicated to delivering the best quality of health care possible through acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

We're a completely licensed and board certified acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic situated in central Denver. While we specialize in women's health and fertility enhancement, we can treat a huge array of other conditions. Jane Gregorie is a Charter member of The Fertile Soul's Clinical Excellence in Fertility Program and is ABORM certified as a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive

The leading health specialists at Callen Chiropractic are committed to assisting you reach your wellness objectives -- combining skill and expertise that spans the whole chiropractic wellness spectrum. Dr.Elizabeth Callen is dedicated to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care.

Welcome to Caf of Life Chiropractic - situated in the pretty Stapleton Town Center. We are pleased to be capable to serve and give back to such a new and exciting community. If you ever have any questions regarding Chiropractic or the Stapleton area, please do not hesitate to ask. The Caf of Life is here whenever you need us.

It is my intention to supply you with information about Traditional Chinese Medicine and aid you in determining whether it may be useful in helping you with your health concerns. Acupuncture is a effective and safe form of health care which focuses on resolving root problems and often supplies a strong complement to western medical therapies.

In 1991, Yan Jing Supply started operating as a tiny provide store for area acupuncturists and students of Chinese Medicine and Massage Therapy. Today, we're pleased to become one of Denver's biggest Chinese pharmacies, and a great place to purchase your massage and acupuncture provides. Come on in and browse a while.

Washington Park Chiropractic is an important part of the neighborhood. We understand how important staying healthy, active and in-shape is and our mission is to keep you doing what you love. Patients come to us for a range of reasons: back pain, headaches, sore knees, shoulders or maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Many patients are here simply to stay healthy and well.

Full Circle Wellness is a complete-service Chinese Medicine Center situated in Denver, Colorado. We provide treatment for a huge array of patient requirements, and are pleased to provide a complete consultation at no charge. From pain management, pediatric care and adolescent issues to cosmetic acupuncture and addiction treatment, we utilize a range of treatments, including acupuncture, herbal remedies,

I knew on my 1st visit I had found a true healer. I feel better every time I leave the Element Center. Offering integrative, quality health care in Denver, CO. We provide many healing modalities from qualified health specialists including: acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, rolfing, psychotherapy, energy work and nutritional therapy.

Chiropractor Dr. Kathy J. Koop has been servicing the chiropractic and holistic healthcare requirements of SE Denver and the Aurora communities for over 20 years. She specializes in the treatment of auto accident injuries, as well as sports injuries, neck and back pain, headaches, vertigo, numbness, extremity joint pain, allergy testing and desensitization, arthritis, fibromyalgia and weight loss.

Searching for a Chiropractor in Denver, Colorado? Just like choosing a new medical doctor, or dentist, or a new hairdresser, or therapist, choosing a new chiropractor is a very individual process. A lot of questions and feelings go into the decision. Just The Tour & The Chat--perhaps about your condition, your concerns, perhaps about the doctor, her personality, her credentials--whatever would aid

This website supplies information about the practices of Jacob J. Schor, N.D. and Rena A. Bloom, N.D. We hope that the information provided answers your questions about naturopathic medicine in general and our practices in particular. We hope reading through several of these past articles will give you a better idea of our philosophy and point of view.

Diana Horowitz, M.S., L.Ac., is dedicated to delivering her patients with the highest level of care. She takes the time to provide the focused, compassionate care that her patients deserve. Diana treats the entire person when addressing energetic imbalances that cause disharmony in the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Healing Light Institute is a nurturing environment providing state-of-the art Network Care. Improve overall function and quality of life through reduction of spinal tension. Drive Thru Health: Creating health in a stressful world.

Center : A healthier spine, means a healthier you. Denver, Colorado since the early 1940's. Dr. Michael L. Madden has been the practicing Chiropractor at this location since 1996. Dr. Madden brings a new approach to a Chiropractic office that has been steeped in Chiropractic tradition.

We care about our clients & their health. The one ingredient that has just become available-thanks to breakthrough technology in harvesting marine plants-is phytoplankton, which has more micronutrients and stored solar energy than any other plant on Earth. FrequenSea, A full description of nutritional contents, and a history of how FrequenSea was developed.

Advanced Rehabilitation is a premier destination in Denver for all of your physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, pain relief, fitness enhancement and wellness requirements. We have free off-street parking, prompt professional service and a relaxing and fun atmosphere. We accept most insurance plans and bill your insurance firm directly.

The De La Vara Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic., supplies medical experience and individualized care for your special requirements. We are a family based clinic managed by a wife and husband staff. Techniques include chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue therapy, massage, rehabilitation, nutrition, the concepts of acupuncture, exercise and sports medicine.

More discount for patient uncovered by insurance, call to ask for detail. Payment by cash, check, and credit card accepted. We are a completely licensed and board certified acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic situated in SE of Denver, Colorado. China, acupuncture treatment specialist, has already worked as a doctor for over twenty years in clinical fields of both Western Medicine and Traditional

Welcome to Ancient Healing & Wellness, an acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine clinic. Health is not just an absence of disease; it is a balance between the body, mind, and spirit. Oriental medicine can assist your body maintain a healthy balance by treating existing ailments, promoting vitality, boosting your immune system, and maintaining an elevated quality of wellness.

Information offered on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a healthcare professional. If any condition continues or worsens, consult a heatlhcare professional immediately. Mediral has been distributing homeopathic remedies and natural healthcare products around the world for more than twenty years.

At Inspired Wellness Center, we believe all health conditions from pain to insomnia to depression can be treated effectively using only natural therapies. We specialize in treating stress, fatigue, women's disorders, fertility, side-effects of chemotherapy weight loss and much more.

How do we aid people at Hafner Chiropractic? Dr. Hafner is passionate about helping patients use natural chiropractic solutions for health and healing. Chiropractic is the biggest and most popular drug-free, non-surgical healthcare system in the world.

How do herbs apply to Chinese Medicine? What are several of these other words I hear every now and then? I do not do well with needles. What makes aQieve health special? Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM is a complete and systematic medical paradigm that has evolved over 2000 years. It is built on several concepts including Qi [pronounced chee], Yin, and Yang.

History of the CCA The Colorado Chiropractic Association was established more than eighty years ago as an expert association representing Colorado doctors of chiropractic. The CCA has since set the pace in the field of self-regulation by initiating regulatory legislation, working to enforce the highest professional and ethical chiropractic practice standards, and keeping its members informed regarding

Nice health is not simply the disappearance of one or more complaints but an increase on overall health and well being, physically as well as psychologically. This picture is used by permission from Julian Winston, homeopathic historian, and is from his individual collection. He is a versatile and intersting guy who has many more interests than just history and homeopathy.

Reiki is a perfect way to 'move' unwanted negative energy out of your body. Sometimes with the fast pace of our lives today we do not realize how much negative energy we accumulate; furthermore, just how toxic that energy can be.ultimately contributing to imbalance and disease. Our cells reply to all energy positive and negative we come in contact with in our day to day lives.

Welcome to Sage Mountain Wellness, a completely licensed and board certified acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic situated in Lakewood, Colorado. We treat a huge range of health concerns, including women's health, musculo-skeletal and pain conditions, and emotional issues.

Welcome to Energy Endeavor Community Acupuncture Clinic, where your healthcare is affordable! Making health a priority is more difficult than ever do to the soaring costs of healthcare in the US. We believe your wellbeing and quality of life should receive superior care while allowing you, not money, to govern your health.

Heart Intelligent is a deeply individual program of emotional healing and self-rejuvenation. We place customers in touch with their hearts, and aid them use the knowledge within to enhance all kinds of their lives. Combining individual coaching techniques with alternative therapies, we strengthen and fuse mind, body, and spirit to reach a more complete, contented self.

Where you can take a high-quality, low-cost healthcare getaway! Poorly-managed stress and lack of relaxation are catalysts for disease. Stress is a main contributor to most diseases and accidents. Acupuncture automatically relaxes the mind and the body so that self-healing can take place.

Everyone at some point in their active Life reaches a physical and mental stage where what they are used to achieving turns to a challenging level of limitations. Limitations are measured by their capacity for endurance, tolerance of symptoms, changes in their chemical balance, and the aging of your body.

We gladly accept walk-in clients. Cherry Creek Chinese Massage gifts traditional, authentic Chinese massage in the middle of Denver's Cherry Creek shopping district. Comfortably nestled among the unique boutiques and eateries of Cherry Creek, we deliver professional massage seven days for your convenience, provided by an all-Chinese team raised since childhood on the healing art of Chinese manual medicine.

Welcome to The Healing Way; a rehabilitation massage clinic for the body, spirit and mind. My 1st aim is to understand the requirements of customers in a warm, friendly, professional atmosphere. Barry is a massage therapist who takes pride in building relationships with his customers. He strives to supply the finest alternative medicine for total health and wellness.

A seeker of reflexology tools & charts? A beginner that requirements a Starter Kit? A self-motivated applicant for Home Study? A self-learner ready for professional status? A candidate for the Ministry of Reflexology? A skeptical investigator of reflexology? A seeker of a reflex Treatment near you? Children learn by observing their parents.

Here's what a patient who used to have migraine headaches says about treatment with Dr. Lucas who practices acupuncture in Denver's Capitol Hill. Thank you so much for really and truly giving me my life back. Nothing I've ever done has made this type of difference in my quality of health. I thought this would never happen!

Read about the remarkable changes acheived by Dr. Monk through his natural treatments for a range of common conditions. D R. M ONK'S B OOK Choose Health was written for people sufferring from chronic conditions who needed the aid traditional medicine could not supply. Dr. Scott Monk uses applied kinesiology in his Denver office to correct candida and other chronic illnesses.

Denver's premier center for pregnancy, prenatal Yoga, fitness, motherhood, fertility and childbirth education.

I was 1st introduced to chiropractic care in high school after a crushing football injury. The injury left me with severe neck pain and a numb right arm. At the time football was my life, but it was not worth continuing and risking further injury or even permanent damage. The day after my injury I told my father that I was done playing football for the year.

Summaries only show on the main page. Creating health-optimal function on all levels, body, mind, and soul, not just treating disease, is the goal -THN- Todd Nelson, N.D. is a well-known Naturopathic Doctor and holds an honorary D.Sc. in Holistic Health from Brantridge Forrest School in England.

Brain Integration Technique Crossinology Brain Integration Technique (BIT) is a unique method to optimize brain work for kids and adults, permanently improving the flow of information in the brain with no drugs or surgery. This calming, non-invasive procedure has been shown to improve: ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and other learning disabilities, permanently makes better memory and concentration, spelling and

We are Denver's chiropractic and massage therapy specialist. We provide a range of services from spinal alignment, muscle and joint pain management, prenatal and postnatal care and acupuncture. Visit our office in Denver Uptown where we help you reach complete health and wellness so you can get back to the activities you love.

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For over 21 years we've been delivering quality chiropractic care to Thornton, Colorado and surrounding areas. Since our humble beginnings, we currently have grown the practice to one of the biggest chiropractic care facilities in Colorado. Although a huge facility, we currently have developed a staff, which is ready to serve your every need. Our patient's say they feel like they are a part of our

Whether you're a company believer in Alternative Medicine or a newcomer seeking relief that Western Medicine has failed to supply, Infinite Wellness can assist you to gain a new balance of health and physical harmony. Through our testing capabilities, we currently have learned that the combination of multiple-modality medicine has been the answer in treating chronic, long-term illness.

At EDOM, I use acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicines, nutrition, massage, and qigong therapies to maximize customers' health. My mission is to supply individualized care to guide my customers toward their goal of attaining vitality and sustained wellness. Since childhood she was exposed to traditional Thai massage and has maintained an advanced certification in that art from Wat Po in Bangkok Thailand.

Stay in the Know Be notified of our News, Events and Specials 1st! Clinic & Spa Specials Be nice to yourself! Holistic Women's Health Care at Apothecary Tinctura Cultivating Fertility We specialize in helping women get pregnant! Nurturing Pregnancy, Birth & New Mamas We provide expert prenatal/postpartum massage, breastfeeding & nutrition consults and our store is stocked with holistic birth and new

One step into the TrueMind Center seems to clear the mind; it is an escape from the rush of the world into a tranquility where the ancient Chinese healing arts are integrated seamlessly with the knowledge of Western medicine and over twenty five years of knowledge.

CHIROPRACTIC - Dr. Frank Martin, D.C., uses a method of testing called Contact Reflex Analysis CRA which detects any imbalances that you may have in the alignment of your spine or in your nutrition. It is a way Dr. Martin is capable to use the body's reflexes to accurately determine the root cause of a health problem. Call for a brochure further explaining CRA.

Our office supplies a comfortable atmosphere and a huge range of services to supply you, the patient, with the highest possible wellness modalities. Dr. Marty uses a range of techniques to ensure the highest possible treatment for each personal patient. These techniques include, but are not limited to PNT Pain Neutralization Technique, Chiropractic Adjustment, Rolly Table, & Activator.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our practice and how we can serve your Chiropractic requirements. We aim to treat each patient with the perfect care they deserve. We are here to answer all of your questions and concerns focusing not only on your spine, but on your lifestyle.

We could aid you improve your symptoms, health concerns and enhance your quality of living with professional natural medicine such as Dr. Lee's Formulas, Thorn Research products, etc. which have been clinically proven for many years with no side effects, without ruining or spoiling your immune system and without just temporary suppressing or control symptoms.

Lakeview Wellness Center. was created to supply a safe, sacred and nurturing environment where each personal's process of self-healing and personal growth is honored and supported. Our multi-talented staff of Professional Practitioners provide a range of therapies from a heart-centered holistic perspective.

We welcome you to AMS Health, where we pride ourselves on our extensive and continued training. As an accepted part of the medical community, we're an effective agent of your health staff. Self Defense, Meditation, Belly Dancing, Reiki and Young Living Aromatherapy classes are now being provided. AMS Health has drop-in Yoga Classes!

Saving Money is more important than ever. That is why our purpose here is simple: Get In, Get Out, Get Well! We ARE NOT about lengthy treatment regimens or expensive payment plans. NO Once a week for the rest of your life stuff here! Out mission is to use the finest tools that modern chiropractic education and evidence based development have offered to get you better FASTER, with FEWER visits.

Beyond Chiropractic of Lakewood Dr. Barb goes above and beyond in order to fulfill your specific requirements. Beyond The Basics Dr. Barb has advanced certification in many areas. Her continuing education is significant to her. She wants to have the updated knowledge and skills to supply the finest care possible. Beyond The Norm Dr. Barb is dedicated to excellence.

Each patient is unique in their state of health, from their lifestyle, habits, emotions, attitudes and environment, thus they each have unique even if seemingly similar health concerns. We work in harmony with our patients for their finest health, well-being and longevity, where we treat each personal accordingly to their unique health concerns, and not just one of the masses.

Situated in Denver, CO, we supply effective and affordable chiropractic care via a nonsurgical, non-invasive and drugless method of treatment that is effective and safe for all ages and for many kinds of injuries or illness. In order to do this, each patient must be evaluated as an personal and treated as such. This means using a customized plan in order to reach the desired results.

There's a reason patients and health specialists alike trust this integrative approach. In the world of natural medicine, it is difficult to ascertain what works. Denver Medical Massage and Acupuncture sorts it out for you by providing an eclectic blend of result-oriented, evidence-based therapies.

Lisa's meditation CD featured in June 2009 issue of Martha Steward magazine. Inner Sanctum was created in October 1998 to give people a sanctuary where they could re-connect and return to themselves. Lisa Guyman offers Reiki classes, meditation classes, Reiki sessions, Hypnotherapy. Inner Sanctum can be one of your sanctuaries for your body, mind and spirit.