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We're a holisitic office providing direction in areas of chiropractic healthcare, massage therapy, nutrition, exercise, positive mental attitude and relaxation. Our goal is to serve our community by delivering effective, principled, chiropractic care affordable for the whole family to receive.

Don't settle for living with your pain and continuing to struggle through each day. Hundreds of people in the local community rely on our office to keep their energy levels up and their pain levels down! If you are searching for a non-surgical, drug-free approach to reducing pain and increasing energy, we welcome you to browse our unique style of results-driven, Chiropractic care.

The American Chiropractic Association and the International Chiropractic Association have developed programs to aid citizens have a voice in national health care issues, including inclusion of chiropractic as a core service benefit. Young posture suffers from overweight and improper backpacks. Learn what you can do to aid prevent these problems.

And Americans bought more drugs. Americans pop pills, but proof is lacking. An article on drug therapies in the US you wonder? But no, it's yet another article trying to put a negative spin on holistic care, when the theme would have been more apropos for Americans seemingly insatiable appetite for prescription medication.

My Commitment to Each Individual I supply personal treatment to each and every patient. My goal is to allow you to gain your individual health aims, whether they be pain relief, corrective care or wellness care. I will design a program specifically for your requirements.

The Well-Being Acupuncture Center is a well equipped Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medical clinic treating pain and diseases of the neurological, cardiovascular, and muscular systems as well as depression and anxiety, women's and men's health, fertility, migraines, and much, much more. Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM has a history of close to 3000 years.

Groton Wellness is a revolutionary center for health and healing. We provide integrative family medical care, health focused dental care, wellness therapies, nutrition, and education - all working together.

Chiropractic: It is through your nervous sytem that you control and coordinate all body parts and functions, adapt to stress, express emotion and create your concious reality. Taking pressure off your nerve system enables for a greater quality of life. It's not just for your back.its for your life!