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Like most chiropractors, I was inspired to pursue a career in the field because of a individual experience with chiropractic that helped me enjoy a better quality of life. As a child I suffered from severe allergies and asthma. Conventional medical care provided little relief for me and only one option: potent and toxic medications that I'd have to take indefinitely.

The practice of Touching the Earth. is to recognize that we're not alone but connected. We touch the earth to let go of the idea that we're separate and to remind us that we're the Earth and part of Life. Deedee is on sabbatical being nourished by the positive, joyous energies of the earth. Lisa Perry is a long time yoga practitioner. My knowledge in your class has been wonderful.

It's about creating calm in the midst of chaos. Knowing the strength of the present moment. Taking time to reflect and recharge. Welcome to The Center for Healing Journeys, created from a passion to supply a sacred and respectful place for people to transform their lives. My healing practice is all about empowering others to discover their true selves.

Are you interested in maintaining your health and well being by a holistic method with a minimum use of medications? Are you suffering from stress, depression, fatigue, allergies, or a range of pains? Do you want to stop smoking or lose weight? If so, it is time to seriously consider using acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Can Chinese Medicine aid you to reach your health and wellness goals? Want to know more about acupuncture and Chinese Medicine? Many patients are searching for a safe, effective, holistic treatment approach towards achieving their health and wellness goals.

Our unique approach Skylands Acupuncture and Wellness Center's Unique approach to Wellness is built on the understanding and appreciation that each patient is an exceptional personal whose well being is tremendously affected by his or her lifestyle which includes diet, emotions and environment. Therefore, each patient's health requirements will differ from each other.

Why choose Chiropractic to aid gain your wellness goals? Although Chiropractic is well-known for its gentle, natural approach to alleviating pain and restoring joint and nerve function, it can be a key component in creating overall health and wellness.

Superb benefits to your health and well-being. The Start date will be determined by pre-registration. The Yang Form for beginners of all ages and abilities, this course is an 8 week introduction to T'ai Chi. The Start date will be determined by pre-registration. Take a break from the stress in your life. This popular class is all about relaxation.