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Chinese medicine clinic offering quality, sensitive care with acupuncture, bodywork, Chinese herbs, lifestyle and dietary suggestions, qigong. Both practitioners are licensed and nationally board certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Our clinical experience included hundreds of hours observing various practitioners as well as more than 700 hours directly treating patients in the school's clinic

At Healing Point Chinese Medicine Clinic we're dedicated to the health and overall wellbeing of our patients. To this end we supply a complete range of services located in Chinese and East Asian medicine. These include acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Asian therapeutic bodywork, Taiji and Qigong Chinese energetic exercises and other adjunct techniques that can be applied to people of all ages and with a

E mail for Appointment Every effort is made to return your call or email within 48 hours. Should I sip or gulp my water? I hope that is understandable! People often ask me, What type of a practice do you have? Well, it's certainly not a normal practice, that is for sure. .around here, NORMAL is just a setting on the dryer.

The care that you will receive from Lewiston chiropractor, Dr. Susan Aubuchon, and Clearwater Chiropractic & Acupuncture has been prepared for each personal. You will feel confident and will be capable to enjoy and relax our peaceful and safe environment. In order to better serve our patients, we incorporate a triangle of health model.

Working with your body naturally so your body works better is what we do. Discover clinically proven solutions for all your natural health requirements and aims. Dr. Glenn Nicholas brings unique expertise, insig hts, and over twenty five years of practical experience to finest serve your natural health requirements and w ellness goals. We are dedicated to our patients restored health and optimized

Dr. Bailey spends few minutes with each patient to make sure they receive individualized attention. These different techniques are utilized based on each personal's need. You will receive complete chiropractic healthcare to restore proper muscle, nerve & skeletal function, including massage and physiotherapy to assist you relax before your adjustment.

Swayze Chiropractic is committed to the health and well-being of your family utilizing gentle effective care and state of the art technologies. We focus on the optimum balance of your nervous system in order for your body to have the capability to choose the most suitable response to the demands in your life.

Is situated in pretty Northern Idaho and focuses on Harmony and wellBEING by means of alternative treatments designed to facilitate nurturance and sustenance of inner and outer balance through a mixture of integrative services. Our goal is to assist you reach your highest standards of WHOLEness and health, combining various skills from Chiropractic and Acupuncture Treatments to Massage and Transilience