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To get the best results from acupuncture, choosing the right acupuncture doctor is the key. What sets us apart are our doctor's exceptional credentials, expertise and many the special features that our practice has to offer.

Situated in the middle of Newport Beach, the leading health specialists at Back to Basics are committed to assisting you reach your wellness objectives -- combining skill and expertise that spans the whole chiropractic and holistic wellness spectrum.

I know that you have many choices when searching for a holistic healthcare practitioner, and I am quite cheerful you have chosen me. You can be confident that your treatments here will be given with the utmost care, with your comfort and safety foremost on my mind.

Our clinic is committed to offer you better health and alternative approaches in healing your mind and body. We have helped many infertility patients females and males dreams come true! We are here not only to treat the illness, but to prevent the diseases by educating patients to observe effects of lifestyle, subtle signs of imbalance in order to assist them maintain and exceed their optimal health

There is a lot more to chiropractic than simply aligning the spine. Since our spine protects the central nervous system, which in turn controls every cell, tissue, and organ in the body, it only makes sense that chiropractic care is more about functional neurology. Proper alignment equals optimum function.

Our 1st aim is to supply high-quality patient care, designed to suit each specific need. In addition to our advanced Physical Therapy treatment, we educate you with appropriate techniques and exercises to maintain your health and prevent future injury. These adjustments aid align your body to promote optimum health.

Ayurveda,the science of life and self-healing, has its roots in India, dating back to more than 5000 years. Ayurveda teaches us to become familiar with our personal Prakruti, or inborn constitution. It believes that each one of us has three bodies, a physical, subtle, and a causal body.

Utilizes diet change and supplements. Eliminates acidic breeding ground utilized by all diseases. Attempts to control disease effects, not causes. Sometimes results in serious side effects. Resolves emotionally based problems in one or two sessions. Costs much less than repeated, long term sessions. Usually requires long term counseling sessions.

Dr. Maret Kunze, OMD, Lac, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, certified Acupuncturist, has been in private practice since 1986 in Newport Beach, California. Long Life Medical Center. Her specialty is in knowing the body, mind, and spirit connection as it relates to health, well-being and balance. This is reached by using intuitive energy work and the principles of Oriental Medicine. Contact Maret at 949-675-2729.

By using an Eastern approach to health and medicine we currently have assisted 100's of patients overcome various ailments and health conditions where traditional Western medicine has not proven as effective. Our primary aim to the Chi Acupuncture Clinic is to supply the very highest health care to our patients by using an Eastern approach to healthcare by applying treatments using acupuncture, acupressure,

Our treatment plan aims of management are to reduce sympathetic arousal and restriction of blood flow and to change pain perception. Our chiropractic care is active mobilization even though there is pain in restricted joint segments, mobilization, even in the face of some residual pain or stiffness, should be encouraged, and it should be increased as the healing process progresses.